Thursday, May 5, 2011

What Have Those Bad Girls Been Up To??

I'm pretty sure my ex-boyfriend
had this t-shirt.
KAAAATTTTEE! Where are you, Kate?!

Oh, that's right. Kate has been working just a little bit. Most of you know that Kate works in the news business. I don't know if you've heard or not, but this has been sort of a busy news week. Even those of us who only watch Nick Jr. have heard all about it so you know its a big deal.

Additionally, the news business has been recognizing Kate's awesomeness lately and offering her a lot of cool stuff to do.  So Kate scampers off to do her groovy job in her fancy shoes and sometimes Lydia gets lonely for her and has to go out on the back deck and howl.

But Lydia has also been a busy beaver. She is starting the process of house hunting.  Oh you know that will yield some ridiculous schmidt because the process or buying or selling real estate will turn a sane person crazy and Lydia's brain train left the station in early 2003.  Also, the Cap'n has put her charge of the whole process.  That's sort of like putting an Ewok in charge of the Empire.  She's already confused and disoriented but pretty sure its going to work out just fine. More on this later...

Nickelodeon posted a really good story about Mini-mini-me, two year old terror and adorable critter.  Ironically, they added a photo to the post of a naked, naughty, super cute toddler.  The kid is not Mini, let's be clear about that.  But the kid looks a lot like Mini, if you squint.  So much so that I got all worked up and started to think the people at Nickelodeon were all powerful and omniscient.  Which of course they are.  Because there's no other explanation for Dora. I thought maybe they had snuck into my house and conspired with my 2 year old to break the long standing MommyLand rule of not showing our kids, but then it just turns out I just got distracted and wasn't really paying attention and possibly squinting and... 

Wait. What? I thought I saw something shiny. Where were we? Oh yes...

Lydia wrote an very obnoxious post about Disney World on Monday.  She wrote a *less* obnoxious one that actually may offer some useful information for people planning their vacations. You can find it in Maternal Ammunition at the Washington Times Communities.  If you have some awesome tips and insight on how to do Disney, head over there and leave a comment.  Your comments and tips were so incredibly helpful to me and my family, so THANK YOU.

And since we decided not to write for Huffington Post this week, we have something else to share with you. 

The Funniest F**king Thing We Heard All Day:

We got an email from our friend Grace who said: "Saw this today while doing the grocery shopping and just had to snap a pic. In case you can't tell - it's a caddy for the side of your toilet to hold tampons. According to the box this handy little device is supposed to "Stop the Waddle." All I have to say to that is Whuck?"

The following picture was attached: 

It doesn't really need a caption, does it? Because it is PERFECT.

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  1. I like that Tbox, too. Except I know my tampons are gonna turn into space ships and rockets if my kid ever finds what is inside.

  2. LOL...I thought for a moment that Target had moved the wine next to the tampons, which would be sweet!

  3. I totally love how it comes in animal print.

  4. Well that will balance nicely with the Scrubbing Bubbles toilet want on the other side of the tank!

  5. I am so fed up with companies finding new and more humiliating ways to tell me my period sucks. I already *know* THAT. So STFU about it already! And who decided on this genius invention? Had to be a man of course. Besides, I don't have to waddle far for my sits there all handy dandy like right up under my sink. My toilet is nearby, so I don't need this particular t-box, thankyeverymuch!

  6. wow, my "monthly supplies" just go in the drawer right next to the toilet. T-Boxes FTW!!!!!

  7. "I like that Tbox, too. Except I know my tampons are gonna turn into space ships and rockets if my kid ever finds what is inside."
    They will discover it at the worst time possible too!

  8. BAHAHAHAHAHA. It's a BAD thing to read your blog while I'm at work because, I'm crying from silent laughter. HILARIOUS.

  9. Since my girls are banned from my bathroom, I let my box of supplies sit on the privacy wall between the toilet and the sinks. I use it as a signal to my husband to give me a wide berth for a few days. When the box goes back in the cabinet, he knows the coast is clear. :)

  10. Oh.My.Word!! T Box...hilarious! Not for the actual use as described on the box though and too bad it does not contain wine. Definitely a man invented product. Who the heck waddles to get a tampon from where ever they may be kept in the bathroom. Wouldn't you just grab one to have handy? Maybe the man who invented this waddles over for more loo roll after he has done his foul smell up the bathroom what it doesn't stink in here I ran out of loo roll number two? Gack! who knows?

  11. If it only came with a child proof lock.

  12. Okay that tbox is weird. I just have it in a basket.

  13. I think Mini-mini me has a soul mate in Arizona. My best friend's little boy is 2 1/2. Whenever something wrong happens she KNOWS it was him (she also has 5 and 8 year old boys). Last year he cut off the end of his finger in the spokes of his brother's bike. He wrapped his blanket around a bar stool, yanked and shattered the chair on the tile floors. He was found on top of the over, burners on, which peppermint extract spilled everywhere. Those are just the things I remember right now! They are MFEO!

  14. When I was about 9yrs old my older sis had a friend stay the night. I decided to snoop through her toiletries and found some...ummm...items. I opened one up, popped it out of the cardboard and dangled it around for awhile. I wondered, "What is this thing?" Then I had an idea! A little later I appeared downstairs to my mom. She was reading her Barbara Cartland romance novel, sipping on her Diet Pepsi and had her Pall Mall Gold smoldering in the ashtray. With a big, proud smile I said, "Mommy! I have a present for you!" I then presented mom with......A tie-dyed looking rainbow colored TAMPON!! I had peeled back the layers of tampon and made it look like a flower. Then I used markers to color each "petal." It was beautiful! Mom's face looked like stunned shock as I continued, "It's a flower Momma. I made it just for you! We have to put it in the kitchen sink window!" And that is where the flower went. On the kitchen sink window with all the other items I would make for my mom. Displayed with pride! :D

  15. I leave mine out in a box on the counter when I am having my period as a warning.

  16. When I first read your blog and you mentioned 't-box' that is what I thought you were talking about because I had seen them advertised. It says a woman invented them.

    I like your t-box better.




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