Friday, June 3, 2011

Kids Arts and Crafts FAILS Part 7

Here is the MUTHA of all angry art FAILS.  The good news is, 4 years after creating this masterpiece, the kid in questions has NO MEMORY of drawing this or of why she was so mad.  She must have had a really bad case of 8-year-old-girl-itus.  As a 12 year old superstar, she loves her mom (most of the time) and thinks it is all hilarious.

"My 5 year old said; "Mom look its you, sissy and grandma!" I said "Wow honey thanks for giving us big boobies........"  She looked at me confused and said "Mom, helllllooooo those aren't boobies.......... you are praying."

Oh my.

"My daughter drew this portrait of me when she was in pre-school.  Her teacher did NOT have a sense of humor, which made it so much funnier..."

I came home from a Bon Jovi concert & found this letter from my 7 yr. old.

This reads: Me and Dad were watching the concert. Please try not to laugh because you could wake dad or me. Here is the thing I hope you laugh in your head. Ok Bon Jovi needs to shave his chest. I love you.
"I thought nothing of these butterflies and mushrooms my 5 year old daughter drew for her friend until my husband said "WHAT IS THAT?!" I had to label the mushrooms so the friend's parents would understand that this is a Rated G drawing..."

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