Friday, June 3, 2011

Kids Arts and Crafts FAILS Part 7

Here is the MUTHA of all angry art FAILS.  The good news is, 4 years after creating this masterpiece, the kid in questions has NO MEMORY of drawing this or of why she was so mad.  She must have had a really bad case of 8-year-old-girl-itus.  As a 12 year old superstar, she loves her mom (most of the time) and thinks it is all hilarious.

"My 5 year old said; "Mom look its you, sissy and grandma!" I said "Wow honey thanks for giving us big boobies........"  She looked at me confused and said "Mom, helllllooooo those aren't boobies.......... you are praying."

Oh my.

"My daughter drew this portrait of me when she was in pre-school.  Her teacher did NOT have a sense of humor, which made it so much funnier..."

I came home from a Bon Jovi concert & found this letter from my 7 yr. old.

This reads: Me and Dad were watching the concert. Please try not to laugh because you could wake dad or me. Here is the thing I hope you laugh in your head. Ok Bon Jovi needs to shave his chest. I love you.
"I thought nothing of these butterflies and mushrooms my 5 year old daughter drew for her friend until my husband said "WHAT IS THAT?!" I had to label the mushrooms so the friend's parents would understand that this is a Rated G drawing..."

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  1. the bonjovi concert- HYSTERICAL!!!

    and the labeled mushrooms.

    and, well, all of them. this one is my favorite so far.

  2. As funny as these kids' drawings have all been, some of them are still much more talented than I am. I have also found angry letters in my daughter's room. I have to assume she hates me whenever I've sent her there for whining about how blue the sky is.

  3. Funny, although that first one would have broken my heart! Yowza. Of course, my girls are only 1 and 4 right now, so maybe I'll toughen up in a few years?

  4. WOW! That first one is hilarious! All of these have been great postings. My husband even sat down to view them. Thank you for sharing and keep 'em coming!

  5. I almost blew coffee all over my computer monitor when I read the bon jovi one! That is so excellent!

  6. The first one was kinda sad....
    but the mushroom one made me choke on my coffee.
    I should know better than to drink ANYTHING and read your blog at the same time...seriously.

  7. Those are HILARIOUS!! OMG...the mushrooms...I fell outta my chair!

  8. My favorite part: "Her teacher did NOT have a sense of humor, which made it so much funnier..."

    Recently my 4 y.o. son drew pics of what we were going to take on our expedition to catch the scariest bug ever. Everyone got water bottles, except the baby. He ran up to me and said "mommy do you know what this is - it's yours, so the baby can have something to drink" Yep, circles with dots in the the middle. Although, I'm fairly certain I'm not as lopsided as he drew me. :)

  9. After the mother of all fights with my 8-year old last night, I feel much better now. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh Em Gee! That is ONE angry 8 yr old. I wish we could go back in time and find out what caused this priceless piece of work!

    The Bon Jovi one almost made me spit out my coffee.

  11. OMG, I love the field of penises....peni? AWESOME! And if you look at the butterflies the right way....they look a little vaginal. Interesting.

  12. That first one could totally have been written by my 11 year old! Just last night he was mad at me for making him to go bed (the horror) and he is all red faced and FURIOUS with me and he goes "you, you, you, you... you just never stop!" LOL?! I was so busy biting my lip to keep from laughing I didn't have time to even react before he stomped up the stairs and slammed his door. He writes a lot. I don't open his notebooks/diary because I KNOW I fill up most of it, and not in a good way!

  13. The mushrooms and butterflies are hysterical!!

  14. Oh gosh, the first one would have made me cry. Love the mushrooms, though! :-)

  15. LMAO, my 5 y/o makes us all look like the bed bug Bounce from Miss Spider's Sunny Patch.

    Love the mushrooms!!

  16. Seriously - the first one made some of you cry?? You really DO need to harden up - and get used to it!
    My eldest boy (of 3) never said "I hate you". Ohh nooo..his first rant was "You are a terrible mother!" At 3. Articulate little sod!

  17. Maybe my reaction to the first picture was slightly disproportionate: I giggle-snorted so hard my husband actually glanced up from his monitor. Life as a parent is so full of 'mom-u-suck' moments, I think it's really awesome that one of them got captured for later blackmail. Say when said child is making bank off the stock market, and you need a new hot tub.
    And that 7 yr old is right: Bon Jovi COULD use a little personal grooming. :P

  18. I once nanny'd a 4 yr old girl who, after I gave her a time out for hitting her little sister, told me in an eeeevil little voice, "I'll have you fired"
    yeah. that didn't work honey, you're still in time out.
    she is now 20 and is mortified ( as is her mom) that she said that.




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