Wednesday, June 8, 2011


So, a few nights ago, Lydia posted on Facebook that we had been invited again to go on TV and pretend that we were experts and professional. We also might have suggested that we turn that appearance into a quasi-drinking game...and then YOU GUYS chimed in with such a colorful array of words and phrases that we spent commercial breaks reminding each other of what things to say.

Lydia: "Don't forget about akimbo."
Kate: "That's easy. You're all akimbo right now..."
Lydia: "Oh, we need to say 'meow' instead of 'now' like the kids do.
Kate: "I'm not saying meow."
Host: "Do I want to know what this is about?"
K&L: "NO!"

A couple quick thoughts:
  • We might have gone completely off the rails, and they might not have us back.
  • The list of words you gave us for the Drinking Game took up an entire piece of legal sized paper.
  • We're pretty sure we said about 25 of those words.
  • There was a fill-in host. She was probably very nice. She was also probably very scared.
  • If you actually drink every time we said a word, you might want to consider having EMTs on standby.
  • You might also want to consider sitting on the floor so you don't fall as far.
  • It's totally possible that we could just show you screen grabs and you still might pee a little.
  • If you ever thought Kate could waver on PajamaJeans, this will make it ABUNDANTLY clear.
  • Guru Louise, you owe Kate $5. She didn't think Kate could insert a Long Duck Dong reference into a television interview. Oh, Guru...don't you know Long Duck Dong can be inserted anywhere? Oh, that sounded gross, didn't it? I'll take it in two $2 bills and 2 quarters, 3 dimes, three nickels and 5 1984 super shiny clean pennies. Get to work.
And now we happily present the modern day version of the esteemed Lincoln-Douglass debate.  Minus anything that made that dignified, timeless, classy, educational or worthy of respect...

Tomorrow...the rules of the pool. And another chance to count some words that should never, ever be uttered on TV. A hint: we said "jackhole" -- oh, even yesser we did.

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