Sunday, June 5, 2011

They wouldn't! Oh, yesser we totally would.

We're pretty sure we're going back on TV this week (on Tuesday)*. And last night, Kate and I were chatting on the phone, giggling and drinking wine and we hatched a plan.  It sounded like a really good idea at the time.  Here it is: we're going to turn our TV appearance into a drinking game. For you

On a couple of occasions, we've maybe said some things that walked that fine line between funny and totally inappropriate.  Once I said mom-perv. Another time I called someone a pirate hooker. Last time Kate said you could get pregnant from drinking too much.  Also, one time she said strap-on.

But we said those things because we are very, very stupid and we just start talking and then words came out and then there you are.  This time, we're going to try to be slick.  That should work out well. 

So please leave us a suggestion for a phrase or word you'd like us to work into our TV appearance.  We obviously can't say anything that isn't allowed to be said on TV or that would make them very mad at us.  But borderline appropriate? Maybe having more than one meaning? Oh yesser.  I mean, we really like all the people on this show but they know we're both morons and they keep asking us back, so...
We'll post the video of our appearance on Tuesday night and every time we say one of the phrases or words you suggested - take a drink.  The segment will probably only be about six minutes long so that ought to get you through one really big glass of wine. Unless we're ninjas of inappropriateness, in which case you might want to just fix the spigot of the t-box directly to your mouth.

We're eagerly awaiting your suggestions!

 xo, Kate & Lydia

*They could cancel last minute, or one of our combined six kids could start puking, or the producers of the show could read this post and decide they hate us. 

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