Thursday, June 23, 2011

We Did Stuff! We Actually Did Something This Week...

OK - so let's start by saying that we're still mired in that First Few Days of Summer Blur. You know, the one that hits about 9:15 every morning when you look around your house and see that the. children. are. still. there. There goes watching another episode of True Blood...

But you can totally watch this instead! We went on the tee-vee again, and scared another host and maybe possibly took a naughty picture. Remember when we had that very dignified debate about PajamaJeans and the TBD people -- hello Alison!! -- showed a picture of Lydia wearing PajamaJeans and then showed her bum? So, Lydia thought it would be only fair to return that favor...So, we proudly present Alison's bottom.

What is up with my face in this picture? It's like Alison's ass is making me angry. For the record, it does NOT make me angry.
It's adorable. As is Alison, despite her surpise-I-put-your-butt-on-TV-ways. - Lydia
And, after we committed a Fourth Degree Misdemeanor, we celebrated by hijacking a television program. Click here to watch the clip. We can't figure out how to embed it the way we usually do.

In other MommyLand news:
Lydia has replaced House Hunting with House Remorsing, which is a whole new beast that she didn't know about and that Kate didn't want to tell her about. For the uninitiated, House Remorsing is when you find the ideal house, imagine your family in it, make unholy deals with your husband so he'll go along with this purchase, and then -- immediately after you plunk down loads of money for said "dream house" -- you start thinking, "hmm, the roof does seem a little slanty, and I'm not exactly sure the bathroom window is exactly level, and why is the garage not air conditioned? Wasn't that something I said I wanted? An air-conditioned garage?" and then the house starts looking less like a pair of Choos and more like a pair of Clogs. But, House Remorsing quickly gives way to Hosue Unremorsing, when Lydia will pledge her undying love to the quirks of her new home right up until that moment when the first bill arrives and she enters House Hemorrhaging. Followed quickly by New House Hunting...

Over at Parents Connect, Kate extolled the virtues of her beloved lists. As you well know, that girl loves to make lists of all kinds. Though she fervently denies that she may be obsessed with the extent that she made a list of reasons why she isn't obsessed with lists. At this point, Lydia thinks it's just best to agree with her.

At Maternal Ammunition, Lydia has some most awesome advice about how to avoid the pitfalls of summer. You know, things like boredom and junk food and too much Wii and WAY too much TV and how it's possible to smell like suntan lotion for months and yet still be's super important stuff to know if you expect to get through the next eight to twelve weeks when the kids have far too much time and far too little sense. 

We got this picture on our Facebook wall this week. Thanks Judi! We have to admit, we were a little concerned when the caption said, "What my daughter and the boy from next door did this afternoon..." but now we think they might be geniuses.

If it's a spork, however, it makes TOTAL sense.

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  1. How come your page looks different these days? And you can't embed videos? Your page used to be all warm and cozy and now...its a little vanilla. But, since you guys still rock, its no big deal...I was just curious. <3

  2. Larissa, we enabled a mobile site for those folks who read us on their phones or iPads. It loads faster, takes them less time to find what they're looking for, etc. If you don't like the mobile view, you can always opt out of it. Otherwise the page is exactly the same. Oh! And we couldn't load the video because the source code wasn't available, only the link.

    Your very own hookers K & L

  3. It looks like she is wiping some snot off her shirt or something. I get that same expression when my kids leave a "smear" on my husband ;-)

  4. The spoon/fork is what they used as a weapon to get Dora to be still. Also to prevent her from calling her monkey sidekick and/or pulling out that damn map to find her way out of that situation. (She still has the map, right? My girls are older now and Dora is thankfully behind me. Replaced by Super Mario Bros and superheroes that boys love.) Gonna go watch you on TV now. Is it too early for vodka n cran drinks? Yes? Dammit I hate summer...
    <3 Sam I am

  5. I am pretty sure that my daughter and her friend meant to eat Dora. They were roasting all the stuffed animals over a fire. (It is mildly disturbing, but not disturbing enough that I want to tell them to stop and listen to the whining and police that they ACTUALLY stop.) PS. The my name is Alicia.

  6. LOVE the "house remorsing" - I'm right there with you, Lydia, as we move in tomorrow. Why am I here instead of packing, you ask? Well I'm waiting for an energy boost from a Dr. Pepper. ;-)
    THANK YOU for the mobile site - it is PERFECT!

  7. "and the TBD people -- hello Alison!! -- showed a picture of Lydia wearing PajamaJeans and then showed her bum? So, Lydia thought it would be only fair to return that favor...So, we proudly present Alison's bottom. "

    Masterpiece. This is a masterpiece.

    *Bows down in awe*

  8. I like it when you do stuff. Gives me more time reading about you doing stuff and me pretending that I am doing stuff. Shhh . . . Mommy's busy on the computer right now!

  9. It looks like the fork is stabbing Dora in the back of the head. Which is kinda awesome.


  11. Oh, how I love seeing Dora like that and it made me happy. So, happy because my son hasn't asked to watch Dora in about a month! YAY!




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