Thursday, June 16, 2011

We've Been Super Busy...Or, *One* of Us Has

[Editor's note: Kate wrote this post. - Lydia]

Ever have one of those days when you wake up and think how can it be Thursday already? Yesterday was Monday...or in our case, yesterday was 1991. And then we woke up this morning and things. are. very. different. than what we remember from yesterday.

And *yesterday* Kate was busy and productive and wrote lots of things and went to work and was actually helpful to Lydia. And then today happened and, can see how much can change in a day.

Over at Maternal Ammunition, Lydia wrote about how much she loves Fairfax County.  Which is good because that's where she lives.

At Parents Connect, Lydia wrote about how sometimes the Tooth Fairy sucks at her job. They also posted our now infamous Pool Rules for Teenagers! [Editor's Note: Which Lydia also wrote... -Kate.]

Kate, I'm worried. This is Laurence Fishburne.
It is NOT Samuel L. Jackson.  Are you insane?
And wither Kate, you might ask? What did she do this week? Uhhh...she's totally preparing for when Lydia disappears into house buying and moving and, in reality, she's just working on how to avoid the inevitable sandwich slap and squaring up that Lydia is preparing for her. That should be fun.

[Editor's note: She's lost her mind. - Lydia]

Here's a little present for you. Except judging by how many times this has shown up on Facebook and in our in-box, you all already know this.  It's a A free download of Samuel L. Jackson reading "Go the F8ck to Sleep" from Amazon. You can also watch it on Youtube. Click here.We imagine that, unlike they do with us, if our children were to hear Morpheus telling them to go to sleep, they'd do it. [Editor's note: Sigh. - Lydia] Wanna know who found this little gem? That's RIGHT. Lydia.

We also think you might enjoy these videos (if you haven't already seen them).  Apparently, it's getting REAL in the Whole Foods parking lot (thanks MommyJuice Wines for posting this on Facebook).

Also, this young lady is so awesome that we want to wear bowties and meow in front of her so she'll think we're kitties and start to weep.  Also, we want to get drunk and tap dance with this girl.  Just wait, you'll see exactly what we're talking about.

Enjoy your Thursday, hookers. Kate will be back next week. And, if not, Kate will be in traction next week...

xoxo Lydia (and maybe not so much Kate)

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