Thursday, June 9, 2011

What We Did This Week -- The Insanity Post

It was a busy week in MommyLand...Kate has jumped back into the work fray, just in time to see that dude from New York show the world WAAAAAAAAY too much of himself. See, that's the funny thing. Kate has two boys, and she sorta goes to work so she can get away from boys who are fascinated with their own penises. How nice of Anthony Weiner to make it where even work isn't safe from such things.
It's about thiiiiiis tiny...

Here's the other thing on that subject, and we're pretty sure we speak for nearly all women when we say this: Gentlemen, please pay attention. We do not want to see pictures of your junk. Your thing is kinda like the engine inside my car. We need it to work; we prefer a little high performance, and we never, ever feel the need to lift the hood and take a good long look at the mechanics. Got it?

One more thing: We have to say we were a little disappointed that he didn't show up holding a bag of frozen peas on his balls. Mrs. Weiner, we have a pair of Squaring Up shoes if you need them. And, trust us when we tell you that you really need them. Just ask Elin.

Lydia is still house hunting...and found the perfect place. With the notable exception that it's next door to Ricky and the Bouncy Haus. While the idea of having constant access to fun kid bouncy things and sticky snow cone equipment and possibly rabid dogs sounds appealing, it also means she would be living next door to Ricky. We'd like to think the Cap'n will have a problem with this...

Over at Parents Connect, we're reminding parents once again -- now that it's summery and warm and park season again -- that there are RULES at the playground.

And, as if we're not being bossy enough, we spent six full minutes of super important TV talk time when we were on TBD to talk about the fact that there are also rules at the swimming pool. But the thing you'll learn the most? That we can pile a LOT of really inappropriate words into a TV appearance.

xoxo Kate and Lydia

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