Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Helpful Tip for Sharpie Junkies

Yesterday we got this email and we just had to share it with you, because we actually learned something. As you know, Kate is addicted to Sharpies, and apparently that addiction is contagious because now I am, too.  But the problem with having Sharpies and having kids is that they end up all over each other.  Now we know what to do about it. 

Hello beautifuls!

I just read your "Top 10 Things That Really Don't Go Together" post and I'm happy to say that I have an easy solution to problem #10 - Sharpie.

My son is a year round competitive swimmer, at age 9. Let's just say the time he spends in the pool helps me survive his ADHD, but I digress. At the meets we write his events on his hand with a Sharpie so that, in theory, he can keep track of when he needs to get ready to race. (A woman can dream, right?) Anyway, here in California there is no such thing as an indoor pool, so swim meets also equal large amounts of sun screen. If we're not careful, the sun screen, especially the creamy type, will wipe that list of events right off.

At first, this annoyed me. But then I realized I had a solution that many mothers would like to know, especially when their beau
tiful toddler puts Harry Potter glasses on herself, with Sharpie, the day before she's supposed to be a flower girl at your cousin's wedding. Creamy sunscreen removes Sharpie off in a second.

Keep making us laugh - it keeps me sane.

---Elizabeth in California

Thank YOU, Elizabeth. You're a bad ass.  If anyone else has any useful tips for us, please feel free to share. As you've probably figured out we could use all the help we can get.

xo, Kate & Lydia

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