Thursday, July 7, 2011

What's Going Down in Mommyland This Week. Wait. What?

Well hello there!  Hi and waving.  It just occurred to us that the title of this post sounds sort of... Sorry.

Some news.  As you know, Kate has been working her already tiny ass off for the past few months.  Which is awesome.  Except that as far as the blog goes, two things tend to happen:

Option 1: Lydia sort of has to pick up all the slack and starts ignoring her kids in order to get bloggy stuff done.  Soon she realizes that she is spending about as much time blogging about being a mom as she is actually being one.  And that is not good. So after a couple of weeks, she gets grouchy and ill-tempered at Kate who feels terrible and hangs her head like Snoopy as a vulture.  Then Lydia feels bad for making Kate feel bad.  Then they sniffle a little, declare their love for each other in a very non-gay way and it starts all over again.

Option 2: Kate juggles too many balls; her half of the blog, working two jobs (at about 70 hours a week), parenting three adorable offspring, a geriatric beagle and also attempting to be sweet to her husband. But of course that becomes somewhat difficult as she is forced to forgo sleep for weeks at a time.  Then the wrong ball drops and it seems like her life is about to explode into a giant fireball of sucking but then she manages to hold it together - but just barely - through the strategic use of lists, scotch tape and labeling things with Sharpies.

We clearly need another option.  Here are some of our choices:

Option XXX: We stop blogging altogether because we can't do it as partners anymore and Mommyland is all about Kate AND Lydia, not just one or the other.  But the idea of no blog is way too sad and scary for us so this option is out. Which is why it's Option XXX as in NO NO NO...not as in porny.

Option ???: We try a couple of variations of Lydia doing a little more and Kate doing a little less and see if we can find a kind of new normal where we don't both go crazy.  Because we love MommyLand and can't imagine life without it. Or you. 

So that's the option we're going with. It's kind of where we've already been for the past few months anyway - only now we're trying to take some pressure off each other.  So, what do you think?

In other news, this week at Parents Connect, Lydia admitted that she's addicted to Facebook and made an idiot of herself.  Over at Maternal Ammunition, we re-posted out Top Ten Reasons Not to go to DC for the Fourth of July. You know how we were just talking about taking pressure off? This is probably going to be our last column for the Washington Times Communities, at least for a while.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Here's some cool stuff from our inbox:

Our pal LadyMeag sent us this, because she thinks we have a wine problem and also because apparently, the t-box isn't convenient or discreet enough for some people.

We also have this winner, sent to us by our friend Ellen C.  It is an Abby Cadabby Pull String Pinata. Except the pull strings are between her legs.  You're supposed to encourage your kids to yank at the strings between her legs to release the candy. I guess it's actually the Abby Cadabby Candy Tampon Pinata.  Very nice.

And, finally, GrandMere sent us this...because that's exactly what we all wish for when we take a picture with a friend...that we look like we're naked. And that we have one weird centrally located boob. Like a Cycloob.

GrandMere, Kate's pretty sure she's never taking a picture with you again, because you'll totally try to engineer this to happen. And after what you did to that turkey on Thanksgiving, we're pretty sure you would succeed.

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  1. FOR THE LOVE OF SANITY please tell us the name of and location of the wine tote! It is a must have, so PLEASE tell us now. Before I have to go to a week of National Championships with my daughters softball team in August, please.
    Did I mention PLEASE.

    1. Yes,let us know where to get the tote

  2. This is so weird, I was just daydream/driving/thinking...what if they had to stop? I JUST found them. and I got really sad. for reals.
    I don't mind how ever you do it- you are both funny and I laugh at every post I have ever you manage it as long as you keep writing to give this newish mom relief is fine by muah.
    props to you both...I have one (well 2 if you count the hubby) and I am a mostly SAHM- and I fight to keep my smitz together.
    Thank you for making me laugh-cry...often. It even makes my husband laugh watching me laugh while reading. :)

  3. Thanks to time zones, I'm the first to comment. Yay me. I'm just sorry it has to be for a kind of not-great-though-not-bad-let-us-all-be-swimming-sharks kind Of news.

    But...this does give me the opportunity to be the first to thank you two for all that you have done-and all that you will do. If I wasn't so worried about frightening Kate and appalling Lydia, I'd send cyber hugs.

    Mrs. Darling

  4. What about hiring a live-in maid/cook like Alice from the Brady Bunch? I mean, Carol didn't work half as much as y'all do! And it was okay for her to have one. Oh, wait... That may not be in your budget. Mine either. Ugggh.

    We support you ladies and will be here no matter when you find the time to post. As mothers, we all understand that our children are our first priority. Love and hugs to y'all!

  5. Dear Lydia and Kate,

    For the love of Maude, please, please, please don't stop blogging on the most awesomist blog on the face of this planet. We need you. You are our Ying to our Yang. Our Thelma to our Louise. Our T to our Box. Our Partners in Howler Monkey Crime Fighting.

    Just wanted to know you are very loved.

    Sharron in FL

  6. I don't think I'd survive if you quit. But you could post less frequently, I'd be ok with that, say 3 times a week?

  7. Do NOT make yourselves crazy for our sakes. We enjoy you much better without the heavy tranquilizers and the drool. Besides, if you don't hang out with your kids at least *some* of the time, what is there to rant about? As my mother loves to day, "The answer will present itself".

  8. Guest postings - please, please do not stop altogether! IF there is anything anyone can do let us know...and wine as a fashion accessory you can take to events as a purse is a must!!!

  9. Do what you can do comfortably and I'm good with that. Enjoy the Summer.

  10. Dear Lydia & Kate,
    So glad you are finding a way to make the blog work. We all love you & can't imagine our lives without you there to stalk every day. Also, love that photo! I keep looking back at it and laughing all over again.

  11. You gals are amazing... And ya know... Even our favorite series take seasons off... So it seems perfectly fair to cut it down or take a couple weeks off!!! Your blog is amazing to bazillions of readers, but at the end of the day it comes down to peace of mind! Ha... Well less insanity of the mind! I appreciate all you do... Now go kick up your feet and relax!!!

  12. I need to say I would cry if the blog went bye bye. This is my security blankie on nights my kids are driving me banana-sandwich and I need to feel better.

  13. You ladies rock my socks and although I'd miss your loveliness every morning upon waking I'm sure my son and husband would love a change of pace from me saying "Mommy just wants to read her blogies for a few more minutes." I only have one and another on the way and I can hardly seem to find the time to write an email so you're amazing in my book (not that I have one, because that would require me actually doing something productive.)

  14. While I most certainly think you should do what is best for your own families first, and I think we would all be sad if you left, we would also applaud if you did it so you could spend more time with your kids.

    That said, PLEASE don't leave us. You are our friends, our sanity, our inspiration. We would have no where to laugh, to vent, to RANT.

    Thank you for everything you do and all the sacrifices you make just to keep us Mommy Masses entertained. We love you and only wish you the best.

  15. pressure, two are SO not allowed to stop blogging!!
    Sharron in FL echoes my sentiments exactly!
    I agree with the other commenters who suggested part-time/3 days a week. They don't even have to be the same days every week, just whenever you can.
    Add in guest bloggers and maybe some re-posting of some favorites from the past to alleviate the stress of always trying to come up with something new.
    We love BOTH of you and would not want you to do anything that makes you miserable or stressed out.
    But we still need you to stick around so we can stalk you and feel normal about it.


  16. to KellyL: My sentiments exactly! Search on "wine carrier with spout", it should come up(not sure if I should be advertising a particular website here!)

  17. Fewer posts per week is fine with me. I am assumoing that during summer it is especially more work since I sometimes don't have time to read during summer activities anyway. Guest pots like you have been doing is fine too! Can someone else do the tech stuff for a few hours a week? I know just trying to arrange a post etc can be time consuming! Also, cluster posting is fine with me too, like just do once or twice a week and whip out 3 posts at once. Other blogs have slow times and it doesn't bother me, they come back. Besides I don't like to think of your children being pushed aside for a blog post for moms to read while ignoring their own offspring (me!). Keep it fun and funny! Also, I never think someone should blog while on vacation or anything.

  18. No quitting! NOT ALLOWED. ok...I spoke my piece. LOL Hey...someone else mentioned GUEST POSTS...those are fun, and lots of us do blogs! Invite your readers to do a weekly short thingie pick the topic, and the first 10 inputs you pick one or two! That way you get at least ONE day a week where someone else writes! yeah! WIN WIN easy peasy! xo love you girls!

  19. Please don't stop!!! Post less frequently! That's great with all the mommies out here, 'cause we run out of time and then have to go and catch up so we don't miss anything! Use guest posters once in a while - have a contest of writings and post your favorite ones when you just have to have open the next t box and can't write. We'll wait for you!!


  21. I just found this blog and I love it... please don't go crazy but please don't stop! I love it and I have been reading archives to keep the high going...
    Besides guest posts as mentioned, you could do a weekly feature that is done by someone else. It could be a mommy-rant on news of the day or a comment-a-palooza on a picture you have found. You always have these funny pictures and you could let readers make the captions and it would just be readers being funny.
    take care of yourselves and your family first - we will happily take sloppy seconds.

  22. No no no. Stopping does not work for me.

    I vote for you and Kate quitting everything that takes your focus away from entertaining me. I mean isn't that why you're here - for me?

    Also, I too spend a good deal of time on FB - you should not worry about being addicted. You should look at it as being dedicated and focused. Those are good traits.

  23. The wine tote thing - it's a real product! It says it's "standard size" for a t-box.

    Now, if only I could drink. *kicks stupid Hashimoto's medications*


  24. Oh my gosh, we are all laughing over here.

    We FINALLy see the naked arms.

    It's like one of those optical illusions books.


    "I rule..."

  25. Also, this is VERY IMPORTANT.

    You canNOT quit blogging.
    You're way too awesome at it.

    And you are the best out here.

    You are.

    Can you just do one post a week each?

    That's 8 posts for me a week.

    You can't quit, all the good ones quit.

    You can't.


  26. Just clicked over to Parents Connect for the first time.

    As funny as I knew it would be.

    Good, more rants for me.

    So good.

  27. Because I live in the middle of the freakin rainforrest, I just found this blog, so please don't stop! It is awesome!

  28. Just catching up on my blog reading. No quitting. I just found you, and you can make me spit milk on my keyboard I was laughing so hard at the arms.




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