Sunday, July 31, 2011

You Answered the RFML BatCall: And It TOTALLY Worked!

First we want to say Thank You Thank You Thank You for all your awesome advice, virtual hugs [Editor's Note: Kate loooooves the virtual hug. Because it's sweet and kind, yes. But mostly because it means you're not actually touching her. -Lydia] and for answering the MommyLand Distress Call from MB earlier this week. As you probably remember, MB's son was a chomper, and the day care was *super understanding* about it, to the degree that they said her 15-month old teething child maybe shouldn't come back to their day care. That's nice.

We also need to say we're super proud of you guys. Kate was all, "let's go to that Day Care and set it on fire and then dance in the parking lot." Kate said that would be equally nice. But Lydia didn't feel like going to jail and, well, we couldn't find a babysitter.

AND, we wanted to share this awesome follow-up letter from MB.

MB here!

OMG - I cannot believe the wonderful responses to my letter!  I wasn't sure of the best way to make sure that all the mommies saw my reply - so I'm sending it via you gals.
Thank you, thank you, thank you wonderful mommies of MommyLand!  Your messages have wiped away the evil twins of guilt and shame and made me 
feel like "one of the gang."

You girls are the best...just please don't hug me.
A quick update - DC will start a new daycare on Monday.  We visited yesterday and loved it.  He walked right in, had snack with the kids, and stayed to play for half-an-hour perfectly happily.  We're going back for a visit this afternoon, too.  The main teacher has been there for 15 years and I loved her right away.  Confident, caring, and highly knowledgeable.

I talked over the biting issues with the teacher and director and they were not even phased.  They have dealt with it before and know how to (and want to!) help DC work through this rough patch.  BTW, he's got 5 teeth coming in right now :(

And, my husband told someone we know at the not-good daycare what happened and the friend's first response was "Huh, I've been hearing some rumblings of problems with that teacher."  His kid is in a different class and has been happy, though.  Fair enough. 

The more my husband and I talked and put together the pieces of what we both had seen over the past couple of weeks, the more it all added up to "get the heck out of there!"  So, expulsion was a blessing in disguise after all.

I just can't say thank you enough for all the love and support.  I am overwhelmed.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!


MB, we love you. Kate even said she could hug you. But, just in case, she still has those matches handy. We're just sayin'.

xoxo Kate and Lydia

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