Monday, August 22, 2011

Oh Art Fail, We Love You...Part 1

Can we say how awesome these Art Fails are? Well, technically we can't right now because we're dead. Lydia laughed so hard she fell out of her chair dead, and Kate took one look at the soccer ball penis and now she's dead too. We'll miss us...


I giggled when I saw this on the wall at my daughter's Catholic preschool....  and was speechless when I realized it was hers.....  and those of course are leg bones!!

I hope it isn't too late to share this with you.

Yesterday my 4yo daughter had her very 1st dance recital.  When it was over, she received her very 1st trophy.  She is so proud of it, that this morning she drew a picture of it, then insisted on bringing it to school to show the rest of the class.

Then she is sent it home with her boyfriend.

Not sure who will enjoy this artist's rending more: the class of 4yo kids or the parents of the 4yo boy she is trying to woo.

I have attached both a photo of the actual trophy and my daughter's drawing of it:

 My son did this when he was about 5. I'm so proud :D
Came across this today cleaning out the vast teetering pile of schoolwork brought home by my 7-yo. On the left she is eating dinner with her family, and on the right she is on the torture rack. Oh, wait. That's her practicing backbends for gymnastics. Silly me! We save the torture rack for weekends. :)
My son proudly brought home this painted clay version of himself. I was nervous asking what "the green thing" was.....he's sitting on a soccer ball!

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