Sunday, August 7, 2011

They Have Lost Their Minds

So we went back on TV.  And a couple of things happened again:
  • We said so many inappropriate things that our appearance falls into the category of our prior "Ummmm.... Do They Have Tourette's?" drinking game, where you drink every time we say something horrifying.
  • Lydia called someone a hooker. (Hint - it was Kate and you can barely hear it)
  • We met and humiliated ourselves in front of famous people.
Seriously, if you want to view this clip and play the drinking game - make sure you have a couple of refreshing beverages in front of you.  Because we went off the rails.  It started with us being forced to sit quietly in our chairs, while the hosts discussed the most recent Arnold the Governator scandal.  And they kept saying things like "just slip it in" and "he took a really long time" and showing clips of his sword from Conan - and we were literally crying and shaking with silent laughter.  Like whores in church. Wait.  I think I meant giggles in church. Whatever.

Because like every two seconds they were giving us a "and that's what she said" and yet we had to just sit there, quietly, with live microphones clipped to us while mascara ran down our faces.  We were so bad, that the hosts on the air were like "What is wrong with you? Why are you idiots laughing at us?" And we just kept thinking about that time last December when we were on the show and they were talking about  New Years Eve in Times Square and Snooki and huge balls and those balls dropping and we were like "Why are we the only ones who think this is funny?"

There was also the penguin. Yes, you read that right. We show up to the studio and there's a mur.thur.fur.kin penguin strolling about in the lobby. And all we could think was, "We are NOT going on after that thing..." because 1) it's impossible to follow a penguin, they are just too awesome; and 2) we had serious concerns about which seat Tails (yes, that was her name) was going to be sitting in. And if they had Febreze and enough paper towels on hand.

Lydia sent a picture of the penguin to the Cap'n. And, of course, he has to write back something pithy and Cap'n'y like "Is Kate a shape-shifter?" which Lydia thought was hilarious and was partially convinced it could be true, except for when we asked Tails if she wanted to see herself in the camera and she turned away. Because Kate totally would have said yes.
And this is Kate. Probably.
This is Tails.
Then there were the celebrities.  Ever seen the movie "Super Troopers"? Or "BeerFest"? Well those movies were made by a comedy group called Broken Lizard and two of the guys from those movies were there. Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme. They were in town doing a bunch of comedy shows. And they were awesome.

And we were all like: "Can we take pictures with you?"  But of course, because we're idiots, we asked for the pictures to be special. And because they are total BAD ASS NINJAS OF COMEDY, they did it.

If you could have met these guys, you would love them too.

Oh! And here's the clip!

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