Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What Have You Done To My House?

Remember when you made that plea one night in the dark.  "Please...please just let me have one time when I can go pee by myself. That's all I'm asking..."

Be careful what you wish for...  And thank you for sending us these pictures.

xo, K & L


This is my friend's hall carpet. In the 30 seconds she was in the bathroom, her three-year-old had gotten a carton of eggs from the fridge, gotten a whisk from the drawer, and proceeded to crack open all dozen eggs on the carpet. He was mixing it with the whisk when she found him. They could never get the egg completely out, so they ended up having to rip out the carpet and going down to the concrete in the hall and both kids' bedrooms. They spent the next month with the kids furniture in the living room and dining room.

He tore down a baby gate, threw the pinecones across the hall, and climbed thru the cat door to the basement stairs before realizing he can't get back thru! He's a hurricane!

There was also a dog involved in this particular craptastic event.

This is the result of an angry two year old who was not happy about being sent to her toy room. Sneaky little booger actually hid a crayon and took it up with her. Just so you know, magic erasers erase a great many things...purple crayon is not one of them. Also, just for your efforts, you'll have purple fingers, fingernails and cuticles for a week. Oh and also a super fun purple stained wall.

I don't know about you, but I didn't even know that crayon would actually mark on a window. Worst part of this disaster? The fact that I only found HALF the crayon she used for this. She hid the other half and after 2 solid hours of cleaning THIS mess, (while big and pregnant) she repeated the offense 2 days later. I didn't photograph that one, what with all the crying I was doing.

This whacktacular mess is four bottles of food coloring. My 4-year old angel decided to sneak downstairs in the middle of the night, push a Rubbermaid tote up against the counter, climb up on the counter, and get the food coloring out of the cabinet. Then she poured every bit of it on the carpet in my military owned house. Great.

My son had just earned the privilege of carrying a pocket knife. Immediately lost that privilege when he thought it might be fun to stab it into a can of black spray paint that was accidentally left sitting in the playroom. Can exploded and covered him and the walls, carpet and nearby furniture with black spray paint. He then grabbed the spewing can and ran across the room and out the door onto the deck. The trail of spewed paint following him all the way.

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