Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Movie Day!

Yesterday's post was all about dealing with other people's kids in your house. It reminded me of a video I saw last week, created by the BRILLIANT AND AMAZING GENIUSES at Second City.  I am totally in awe of them and their awesomeness.  Last week, Kate & I went to Chicago to observe their antics first hand and we laughed so hard we cried pretty much all day long. More on that next week...

So here are three videos from them that we thought you'd like.  I'm assuming you've already seen the Sassy Gay Friend videos, so you know how much of a potential time suck fun you can have digging through all their archives. I could do it all day long.*  First, the video that is the perfect follow-up to yesterday's post

*That's what she said. Sorry. I can't help myself. It's still funny.

Foolproof Birth Control, a comedy video from the Second City Network

Next, a video that discusses the same general topic but is filled with such random-ness and total awesomeness and whuck-ness that it makes the drunken bees in my brain buzz much, much louder.  Also, it stars an actor named Katie Rich (the girl with the brown hair and the hat), who we got to meet and hang out with last week. She's so talented she literally made me soil my own britches. She was in a show called "South Side of Heaven", which if you can possibly get to Chicago to go see it - I really, really would.**

**I say that like it's something I do all the time.  I mean, I get to the movies like twice a year, so I totally understand that putting on big girl panties and booking a babysitter and going out to see a show that is not geared for pre-literate chimpansloths is a very big deal. But it really would be worth it in this case.

Next, is a video about... Whatever - the title says it all. And the Ed Hardy shirt? Brilliant. The last time I saw a shirt like that it was on Jon Gosselin.

 [NOTE: Maybe have the little ones go watch TV for a minute, mmmkay? This wouldn't be a good one for them to watch.]

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Birth Control Ninja, a comedy video from the Second City Network

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