Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kate & Lydia are BACK!!! Sort of.

Dear Mommyland,
Why is the crazy lady crying?

It’s September. How the hell did that even happen? After spending most of the summer looking forward to the first day of school, it came far too soon for me. I’m not ready for my big kids to be gone. I mean I AM TOTALLY READY for ten quiet minutes in a row and the ability to get something done, but I won’t lie. I walked them into the school yesterday, kissed them goodbye and embarrassed myself by sniffling all the way home, wiping away stupid tears.

Because I worry. They’re my babies. What if there’s mean kids? What if their teacher doesn’t like them? What if they fall off the monkey bars and get hurt? What if the school accidentally hired a sex offender? That’s it. I’m going up there to get them right now.

Stop. Breathe. It’ll be fine.

I need to think about something else. I need to think about Mommyland because I’ve been neglecting it recently. Someone left us a comment on Facebook last week that said, “I really like your blog, but I am ready for it to be written by Kate and Lydia again.”

We deserve that. We’ve been running posts every day - but for the past month, they’ve been mostly guest posts and art fails and things like that. Because with the “all kids, all the time” schedule that comes during summer vacation – there just wasn’t any time for me to write. If I’d written what was going on with me, every post would’ve been something like this:

Tried not to yell at kids/let them watch too much TV/feed them junk. Tried unsuccessfully to enrich young minds/fold laundry/clean house/de-clutter/purge unwanted schmidt. Mini peed on the floor again. Walked dog 400 times. Decided that "swimming" and "bathing" were pretty much the same thing. Bedtime was supposed to be 9pm but was more like 10:30pm and then I lost my mind and did a very crude rendition of Samuel L. Jackson’s reading of “Go the F*ck To Sleep”. The end.

So after spending the past two months in a near-constant state of frenetic flapping about accomplishing nothing, I thought I couldn’t wait for September. But now that it’s here, a few things are apparent and unavoidable. Change is upon us. And I sort of hate change, even when it is positive.

I’m moving in a month. Into a wonderful house we’re about to buy. I’m so excited but DEAR MAUDE I’m just not sure I can do the work that is required to get us there. This week, Kate’s youngest kiddo starts full-day kindergarten. Not coincidentally, next week Kate starts a very cool and exciting full-time job. One that will have her travelling a lot and meeting amazing people and doing what she loves.

For the next couple of months, keeping up with Mommyland is going to be a challenge for both of us. We sort of saw this coming and mentioned it earlier in the summer. If we miss a few days here and there, it’s because we’re trying to juggle. And balls are going to get dropped. For example? To anyone who’s written us an email in the past three weeks, I am so sorry for not getting back to you. Our inbox currently looks my garage. It’s horrifying.

Kate and I both have exciting things happening in our lives, separately and together. There is going to be a lot of cool MommyLand stuff coming up in the next couple of month, -  maybe even this week (HINT: that was foreshadowing). I just have no idea how we’re going to make it all work with moving and working and most importantly and always our first priority seeing our kids through a period of change and transition.

So this fall, we may not post as much. But only because we’re trying to get our schmidt together. Yes. I know. Can you imagine me, with my schmidt together? I know what you're thinking - because I'm thinking the same thing: "Good luck with that, Lydia, you're a giant boobstain."

Yes, I am.

xo, Lyd

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