Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh Art Fail, We Love You...Part 5

 "My mom is a grate cock..." OhmyMaude, this is the best sentence in the history of ever. 

And, as we've officially depleted our coffers of Art Fails, please feel free to send us some more. After all, the school year is just about to start up. Nothing says love like a drawing of giant penis -- wait. What?

I just found your blog and had to share. From Jackson’s (age 6) alphabet book:

 By way of explanation...I own a small decorated sugar cookie business. So I'm making cocks a lot!

It did seem awfully quiet downstairs......and then I found out why. And he found the SHARPIE to boot.

Hey, at least he was working on his alphabet. Just think, it COULD have been a big penis on your wall...K&L

Below is a special work of art my son Luke produced last year when he was 5 years old, in Grade R. The theme of the week was ‘a long time ago’. We had been reading about Egypt- he was hugely into the idea of zombie mummies. I was pleased to see that he got some of the most important elements right: the Nile River , the Pyramid of Giza, a camel…but hold on, what’s that in the camel’s mouth? Did somebody say, “Dad’s a smoker”? It gave me massive insight into what ideas the teachers must form about us delinquent parents. We are decent people. We just have a bad habit, which we indulge in outside of the house. You see, I even feel like I have to justify it to you

I picked up my 5yo daughter from school one afternoon, who was excited to tell me about the ladybug she made today, but Miss Susan didn't want her to keep it in her cubby. Weird, I thought . . . until Petunia handed it to me. I took a picture of it right then and there to share with my Facebook friends . . . and now I, respectfully, submit this misunderstood art for your enjoyment.

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  1. OMG this is AWESOME. I can't wait to get something like this from my kindergartner.

  2. My kids are too old to have unintentionally funny art... so when I find pictures that resemble penises in a backpack, odds are it was meant to look that way. That's not nearly as cute as a ladybug gone awry.

  3. I personally enjoy how the penis is RIDING the smoking camel. I don't EVER wanna meet that guy...

  4. Oh, thank you Mommyland for making a morning with no coffee just a little bit bearable. lol

  5. My DS(5) said the ladybug is a bug guitar. LOL
    Greetings from Germany!

  6. HAHAHA! I especially love that the person riding the camel looks like a penis! (or am I just looking for a penis in every art fail now? My mind needs to get out of the gutter)

  7. Please start putting a coffee spewing warning at the top of these posts!

  8. I was looking through these and giggling and then my 3 year old walked over and said "Mommy, I see Broken Lady Bug" and I lost it. I especially loved the Smoking Camel. Couldn't help but wonder what Brand he was smoking

  9. They're all cute but the ladybug wins, hands down.

  10. I cannot breathe because of the cookie mom one!

  11. I can't even . . . just looked through all 5 posts and they're just . . . oh my! I'm a 3rd grade teacher, I'll have more material for you soon!




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