Friday, October 21, 2011

Duran Duran and EVEN YESSER. More Duran.

Except imagine that these are all moms
who drove to the show in their vans.
Last month at baseball practice, I ran into our friend Sarah. Sarah is a blogging genius. She writes here and here and here. Also here. All of it is awesome.  She also does social media for people.  So she casually mentions in our conversation, like its no big deal, that she has a new client.  The band Duran Duran.

Then I fell down crying because I love them so, so much. Or I did. When I was in middle school. Then later in college I started loving them again.  Then when I switched over from cd's to the land of the iPod - Duran Duran came with me. 

They have always been with me.

So Sarah asked if we'd be able to go the concert. OH EVEN YESSER. Free tickets in return for blogging about it? Imagine me nodding so emphatically that my head fell off. Then Kate had to travel for business for a week except for the night of the concert and she thought that maybe she should spend some time with her kids.  So I took Rebekah from Mom In a Million as my date.  We ended up sitting with some other bloggers and it was so flipping fun.

I thought the best way to capture what it was like would be to share my tweets and Facebook updates from that night.
Then: Delicious

6:10 pm: "Going to see Duran Duran tonight! Hoping I can remember to act my age!"


7:10 pm "WHERE AM I?! Where do you think, ? At the bar! Waiting for the awesomeness"

7:45 pm "Neon Trees just opened and there were gold lame pants in action and it was MAGICAL."

8:00 pm "As it turns out, its pretty easy to act my age at the Duran Duran concert. Because everyone here IS MY AGE."

8:30 pm "They're on! Aaannnnd they are just as precious and adorable and searingly hawt as you remember."

Now: Ummmm... YES PLEASE.
8:40 pm "@MomIn_AMillion @mammaloves @goonsquadsarah If any of you hookers try and give John Taylor The Look, Imma cut ya!"

8:50 pm "John Taylor, I TOTALLY forgive you for not not writing me back in 1985. So how about a nice, long hug?"

8:55 pm " was all like "How old is Simon? Because that's a nice ass for like, fifty." True dat."

9:00 pm "Simon just took off his jacket and SHOWED US THE MOTHERFUNKING GUNS. Thanks dude."

9:30 pm "I smell like I sound. I'm lost and I'm found. OH EVEN YESSER."

And then at some point, my friend @GirlieMouse sent me a tweet that said this:
"@MommylandRants My BIL's there - look for a big black guy in a pirate shirt with a headband & feather"

And I was like, COULD THIS NIGHT GET ANY BETTER?! Then the lady sitting next to me looked up Simon on Wikipedia and saw that he'd been married since 1985 and I thought my wittle heart would explode with awesome I thought that was. And then the night was over and I drove home by myself in the big White Ford Tampon, happily listening to Duran Duran and feeling like I was 13 all over again. My ears are still ringing though, and its been a couple of days.

If you want to see what they look and sound like now, here's the new single.  I lurve it.  And after 25 years, I lurve them still. Sigh... Doodly hearts... What do you think?

And we're not done yet. Because this is an amazing live version of Come Undone featuring Kelis and directed by David Lynch. Featuring grilling wieners and muppets. I am so not kidding. I thought I was hallucinating. I love it so much. What the WHUCK? I want to hang out with them so much more now that I've seen this.

Don't say a prayer for me now, it for the morning after. Maybe I'll be able to hear. That is, if the ringing stops...

xoxo Lydia

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  1. Oh my - color me JEALOUS! I was always a fan of the drummer - Roger, right? Still am after seeing this...

  2. Love Duran Duran. Was chatting about them with my 20 something hair dresser (this gal loves music and is always going to concerts). My awesome 20 something hair dresser said "Who's Duran Duran?"

    Egads. Am I that old?

  3. AHHHHH! Lucky. I Lurve Duran Duran..I'm only 24 is that bad? NOT trying to make you feel old or anything. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Come Undone. And when I was going to elementary school i used to make my mom play it in the cassette *GASP* player in our vehicle. Ahhh..@_@ Must hit up itunes for Duran Duran Now..!!!

  4. Aforementioned BIL dude with the headband and feather had a hearing test at NIH the next morning. How do you think THAT went? bwahahaha

  5. I went to an 80s party last weekend and now I'm ashamed of myself - no Duran Duran, no Chasing Seagulls or whatever that band was with the hair, no cool guy in his 40s that sang the songs from the Back to the Future movies - See, I could cheat and google all these names and act like I know what I'm talking about, but my coffee hasn't kicked in yet and I'm just keeping it as long as I'm being honest, Lydia's obsession with Duran Duran kind of sort of reminds me of my previous obsession with (dare I admit) Shaun Cassidy! OK, so I was 9 and didn't know any better, and that's about the only defense I have going for me on that! Rock on, Lydia!

  6. Oh, and it was Flock of Seagulls and Huey Lewis and the News - see, coffee kicked in after all, didn't have to google!

  7. OMG!! We had that poster above the chalkboard in my 7th grade classroom! Each girl picked a member of the band to be "her's" (there was some sharing; our class was mostly girls). I think I chose Roger just because no one else wanted him. *tear*

  8. Really, you couldn't have warned us to put a diaper or something on before we peed ourselves seeing singing muppet mice??? Next time my husband uses the grill, I'm taking away the flipper and making some music!

  9. I had a satin Duran Duran jacket with tons of buttons on it and it was AWESOME. Simon John Charles LeBon ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. “Duran Duran is neither a Duran nor a Duran. Discuss.” is my faaaaaaaaaavorite SNL quote. Evah.

    Yes, the drummer was Roger. Three Taylors (Andy, John, and Roger – who were not related), a (Nick) Rhodes, and a “Le Bon, Simon Le Bon” (remember that from the View to a Kill video? I think?) made up Double-D back in the day.

    Oh my Maude.

  11. Ahahahahahaha ... the Come Undone video is out of control! Supremely jealous though, would just die to act like a teenager again at a Duran Duran show!! Love it.

  12. I agree.. Simon does have a hot ass! Simon and Sting are my rock star boyfriends.. So glad you had fun ladies!

  13. OH my. I haven't drooled over Simon since middle school, either!

    ...where's a towel?? That's STILL a fine lookin' hunk o' man!

  14. Effin' A. As if the concert doesn't sound amazing enough, you have to top it off with the whole off-the-cuff mention of a guy with a feather and a headband. I WANT YOUR LIFE.

  15. Duran and Duranner

  16. Silly, silly Kate. That was clearly a not to be missed experience! totes jealous here. I'm sure Rebekah was a sweet concert date, though; she seems cool.

    PS if this is totally incoherent, I have an excuse: I'm on NyQuil and it's only 8:25. Rotten germ-mongering kids!

  17. I had the same experience but it was backstreet boys for me we found tickets last minute, I screamed and screamed in ways I didn't know I could I was soo freakin excited to see them then I drove home in my minivan feeling like a 13 year old again it was uber awesomeness

  18. Saw them a few weeks ago when they played here in LA. No one free to go with me so I went by myself. Enjoyed every minute of it, like being a teenager again.

    Best thing about Twitter is following John Taylor and Simon LeBon. John and Roger are on Facebook too. They tweet constantly and post photos so it's kind of like a legal way of stalking them. Pretty sure @DuranDuran retweeted you too.

  19. 1) My favorite part is when you call me a blogging genius.

    2) A lot of your commenters are really young.

    3) THE SHOW WAS AWESOME RIGHT?? They all still look totally hot. How did they do that? I'm only 38 and I don't look that hot.

  20. saw them about 7 years ago when I was 36 and took a 24 year old friend. She was shocked at my behavior LOL She said she had never seen me scream so much!

  21. Wait! Wait... I don't get the weiners and the muppet mice. Am I missing something? Clearly I'm just not that cool. I kinda still love Simon, though.

  22. Aaah, Duran Duran was my first concert! I loved John Taylor with an all-consuming passion and loved him even more when I saw his gawky teenaged photos and learned his first name was really Nigel. Sigh. Memories.




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