Monday, October 3, 2011

Postcards from Kate: The Fall Edition

Kate's new job has her out in the world again. First, she would like to apologize to the world. Second, she would also like to thank it for giving her the most awesome postcards in the history of ever. 

To: Lydia
Subject Line: Umm, I think this hotel room was expecting me.

Email message: Should I be offended that the bathroom is calling me a HO? Or have we gotten to the point where I should just be impressed?

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  1. Are you in Greensboro at the O'Henry?

  2. I hope you enjoyed your time in my home state! We are very similar to Texas, although our hair is not quite as big!

  3. I - O!!!! Gooooo Buckeyes!!! ;)

  4. Welcome to Tennessee. Why didn't you call?! We coulda had dinner. Together. ha! ;)




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