Friday, October 7, 2011

The RFML ChicagoLand Interviews: We're Not Professional At All

So, as we told you last week, after being super important "consultants" to the Second City/Totino's Pizza Stuffers commercial shoot, we got to interview the cast members. We had a series of very important MommyLand questions, like whether the following were good or evil:
  • Seacrest
  • PajamaJeans
  • Dora
  • Crocs
  • Drive-thrus
  • Target
  • Chuck E. Cheese
  • in a box
Then there were the really important things like:
  • Have you ever gone into the world with a boobstain?
  • Have you ever inadvertently taught your kids a cuss word?
  • And...what does your minivan smell like?
Kate and her brilliant editor, Charlie, decided that the Director's Cut of these interviews would be our best option, mostly because if we edited out all the excessive giggling, bad camera angles, obnoxious audio interference [stupid planes overhead. Thanks O'Hare. Jackholes] and utter lack of professionalism on the part of Kate and Lydia, it would have been too much work left us with four seconds of useable video taken too long not been as funny. 

We've started with our favorite -- Texas Pageant Mom. Bear in mind that while you CAN see Lydia wishing she had brought an extra pair of pants for this interview, what you CAN'T see is Kate doubled over in the background. We had to split this into two parts...because right after Part One ended, Lydia fell out of her chair.

Here's Part One:

And, Part Two:

Next is Kate with her new best friend, Annie, lamenting things like why kids have to eat, how hugs are overrated, and why nothing beats a good pair of shoes. Then Kate remembered that Annie was an *actress* and doesn't really believe any of that stuff. Oops.Kate also could have maybe used a hairbrush. Egad.

And, here's Lydia with Jen, the super mom. Why? Because she taught Lydia a cuss word. In Spanish. Nothing like adding to one's repertoire...we expect Mini was wondering when her mom would learn that word.

And, here's Kate with Nicole...we might not have gotten off on the best foot. She loved Crocs, PajamaJeans, AND Dora. Meanwhile, in the background, Lydia was blowing her kisses...

Finally, Lydia got to hang out with the awesome Katie Rich, who played the casting director.We learned a TON in this interview, mostly how to be super offensive about religions. Yeah. We're classy, San Diego.

And there you have it MommyLand. The great Kate and Lydia Adventure. The 28-Hour Kid-Free Escapade. And Exhibits A through F of why we are the worst bloggers in the Internets. Also, THANK YOU CHICAGO! Tip your waitresses.

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