Thursday, October 6, 2011

Top Ten: What's the Best Thing About School?

Remember when we asked our kids what Rule #1 was? And we got answers that maybe were slightly indicative of the idea that we weren't exactly teaching the right things? Well, now that our sweet six children are now in the capable and competent hands of people who DO teach the right things -- and are conveniently paid to do just that -- we thought we'd see what what they liked best about school, and what awesome things they're learning. Then answers -- as ever -- were possibly a little too illuminating.

10. "Music Class! And you get to play those circle things really loud. But you're not supposed to smack them on your head because it hurts. And it's loud."

9. "I like when Lucas says he'll drink the milk through his nose and then we have to wait for the mean lunch lady to look away, because the other one pretends to be mean, but she laughs. And then she makes us be the table wipers. But the wiper cloths smell gross."

8. "OH! I like the class with Mrs. Seeley. Because she's nice. And she teaches us good stuff. About words. And how to talk and stuff. What's that class called? Oh, right. English."

7. "Lunch. And the part when we leave."

6. "You know the part when the teacher talks and tells you all the stuff you get to learn that day? And she talks for twenty hours? That's my favorite part -- when she stops talking."

5. "I like when someone pukes or gets hurt, because then my teacher says, 'Take a

buddy and take the sick kid to the nurse.' And then the nurse gives the buddies a treat. I get to be the sick kid next time."

4. "Recess. But the recess where we run and play. Not the recess with the man with the whistle."

3. "I like walking to my classroom, and you know the big kids? They say hi to me and then they go awwww when I walk by.."

2. "My favorite thing is when we go to the Li-bary.. Except for the books."

1. "I like the part when we count how many days until school is over. My teacher says, 'Only a hundred and ninety-seven more days with you little monsters' and then she laughs."

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  1. We homeschool, and I think my kid's favorite part of the day is also when I stop talking. Love it, ladies - thanks for the morning laugh!

  2. #1 is by far my favorite! My newbie kindergartner keeps asking why she has to go school. Why can't I teach her to read? I told her I would but she couldn't watch tv, there's no recess, and snack and lunch was beans everyday. (I was grasping at things). Ironically, the beans comment is what made her want to go back to school.

  3. I like #9. I think I'd totally be the Not Actually Mean Lunch Lady..

  4. Boy, they pegged # 9 on the nose. I can still remember how disgusting those wiper rags smelled ... and I'm old as dirt

  5. We homeschool.... and if you ask my girls what they're favorite part of school is (during warm weather days) they'll tell you recess in the swimming pool. LOL My favorite part yesterday was making cookies as part of their math lesson. We love homeschooling!!!

  6. "But the recess where we run and play. Not the recess with the man with the whistle."

    This makes me laugh and cry.

  7. I asked my son that the other day. He told me, "Lunch, and dismissal." I asked my daughter the same thing, and she said, "Lunch, recess, dismissal, and silent reading." Well, one learning experience out of four answers isn't too bad, right?

    Both kids have said they want to be home schooled again, because then they'd get to sleep in later. (Heck, so would I - but there were bigger issues that needed to be addressed, so we sacrificed sleep-in time. Some days I really, really miss that. Other days the bus can't come soon enough.)

  8. As I teacher, I often think #1, but have never been able to say it out loud. Thanks for the laugh!

  9. LOL...I love this, especially since both kids are now in school and I now work there. I know, I know, what was I thinking?? I love it, though ;)





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