Thursday, October 20, 2011

Whuck of the Day: I'm Not *That* Thirsty

I don't think that's anatomically correct...
Just to set the scene: Lydia was frantically shuttling between her old house and her new house, trying to get everything moved before the LTSs returned from school. Kate was frantically shuttling through the airport in Atlanta, trying to make a flight.

Kate opened up the Belle email. Lydia opened up the Buzz email. We imagine that we both said WHUCK at the very same time, and then immediately texted each other.

Lydia: Uhhh...
Kate: I KNOW! Are Disney people on crack?
Lydia: I KNOW! I don't want to see any kid -- ewww -- sucking on this.
Kate: I KNOW! And, it's like, what is wrong. It's a girl.
Lydia. I KNO--what? He's not a girl.
Kate: And what's up with the covering up the boobs? Like, she's being coy?
Lydia: Seriously? What the f**k are you talking about?
Kate: The sippy cup!
Lydia: OK. Good. Buzz?
Kate: Gross. Are you making vibrator jokes again?
Lydia: NO! Boobs?
Kate: GAH! She. Has. Boobs. And a straw penis. It's just wrong.
Lydia: I'm dying.
Kate: What?
Lydia: Buzz has boobs?
Kate: What?
Kate: Why do you keep writing Buzz?
Kate: Lydia?
Lydia: DEAD.
Lydia: Buzz LIGHTYEAR has a Woody. Haha.
Kate: Now I'm dead.
Kate: And Belle has a Woody too...NOW I'M DEAD.  

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