Monday, October 17, 2011

Whuck of the Day: Some Things Just Shouldn't Be Said

I don't really need to pee anymore...
 We got this from one of our "devoted readers" -- and yes, that is *exactly* how she asked us to describe her. Devoted Reader, we use those quotes a lot too, mostly around words like "totally sane" and "not drunk."

Anyway, "Devoted Reader" was at her kiddos school and found this lovely, little Whuck posted in the bathroom. All we could think when we read this was that this had to have been the fastest PTA Fundraiser in the history of EVER. Why? Can you imagine that meeting?

PTA President: So, parents! This year, we think our fundraiser should go to purchasing soap and toilet paper for the teacher's bathrooms. We think--
Parent: [stands up and interrupts] Wait. What? Ummm, there's no toilet paper or soap? What do they use when--you know what, no. Don't answer that. Here. Here's my check.

And then ALL the other parents follow suit. And then the PTA president smiled. And then they wrote this note and taped it to the bathroom walls...

Ummm, thank you. Thank you for the toilet paper.

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