Thursday, October 13, 2011

Whuck of the Day: The Zombie Apocalypse

Lydia, WHUCK is that??
Lydia and Kate text. A lot. All the time. Mostly, the texts consist of calling each other a hooker and Lydia informing Kate of Mini's latest disasters. [Editor's Note: Speaking of which, Lydia moved into her new FANCY house this past weekend, and Mini has already flooded the bathroom. How? By shoving an entire roll of TP into the toilet and then flushing it. - Kate]
But we've also discovered that there are a LOT of whuck things in the world. And we take pictures of those things. Or, someone emails us things that are full-on whacktacular. To the degree that we have a file in our inbox that we call WHUCK. And it's full of awesomeness and ca-razy-ness that just makes us happy. So when something epic comes along, without any comment, we send those pictures to each other. And then this happens:

[phone rings]
Lydia: Hellooooooooooooooooooo. Is it me you're looking for?
Kate: Umm, what the what is that?
Lydia: I know! Right?
Kate: Liddy, what the whuck?
Lydia: It was on the sign. Like, just stuck there.
Kate: I think it's a sign.
Lydia: Do you ever listen? I just said that. It was STUCK. TO. THE. SIGN. Zombies are sticky.
Kate: Who would have put -- wait. What? Zombies are sticky? I thought they were slimy.
Lydia: You're stupid. What do you know from zombies. They're sticky. Hello? He was STUCK to the sign.
Kate: You're stupid. They're slippery. So you can't catch them.
Lydia: Gah! They're STICKY. So when they catch you you can't get away. Why would a person want to catch a zombie, hooker? We're supposed to run away from zombies.
Kate: [silence]
Lydia: See? You got nothing. I told you that the zombie apocalypse is coming. Lionel said so.
Kate: He said that?
Lydia: You know what he really said? [singing] Helloooooooo. Is it meeeee you're looking foooooor?
Kate: I'm hanging up now.
Lydia: I wish I was blind like the girl he called. Then I wouldn't know he was a zombie.
Kate: I wish I was deaf. Then I wouldn't be listening to this.
Lydia: Oh, actually it wouldn't matter if I was blind. I'd still know about the apocalypse.
Kate: How?
Lydia. Duh. The sticky. 

If you have a Whuck of the Day, by all means, send it to us...there cannot be enough of this kind of whack in the world...

xoxo Kate and Lydia

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  1. why does Zombie Lionel have blue eyes?

  2. Lionel with a twist of John Lennon. Creepy. Weird.

  3. I am pretty sure that this is the same Emergency preparation alert that the CDC always sends out, but because it is for the zombie apocalypse, I actually read it.

    Someone in government actually figured out how to get people to read something important!

  4. Great. Now I have that song stuck in my head. Hookers.

  5. It's wrong to be turned on by it, right?

    Okay, even I kinda hate me now.

  6. RuthieQueenOfAllThingsProcrastinationOctober 13, 2011 at 8:37 PM

    Erin - blog address=brilliant
    TD - I know, right? (oh, yes, I DID use that phrase that is ever so done)

  7. Um, I'm REALLY terrified about the zombie apocalypse and I'm not joking even a little. A friend who knows this about me sent me this picture because whenever she thinks of zombie apocalypse, she says she thinks of me.

  8. hmmm...This is great! I actually write about zombies every week...Including why it's okay to lock your kid in a cage when the zombies come. Good to see others are thinking about zombies too!

  9. The state of Kansas wants to make sure we're all ready for zombie apocalypse

  10. Um, did you know there is actually a zombie-proof house design contest going on? Just thought it might make y'all laugh.




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