Saturday, November 26, 2011

2nd Annual WHUCKTURKEY Caption Contest

This is what the text messages between me and Kate looked like this the day before Thanksgiving:

Lydia: Look at this, hooker. LOOK.

Lydia: I'm buying them and I'm going to wear them like shoes. Always.
Lydia: Because they're actually slippers.
Lydia: But they're also shoes. The same way that Pajama Jeans are also pants.
Kate: And then you can watch me die.
Lydia: [evil laughing]

-- Two hours later --

Lydia: OH. DEAR. MAUDE. The Cap'n called me downstairs to help with something in the kitchen and this is what I found.

Kate: What the WHAT?
Lydia: That is a 23 lb turkey being brined in a Rubbermaid tub that I've used to store Hawk's old clothes and shoes.  In the garage.
Kate: But?
Lydia: I know.
Kate: But?
Lydia: YES. I KNOW.

The good news is - no one died!  And the turkey tasted delicious.  Also? We'll be eating it for approximately always.  Because 23 pounds of bird is a lot of freaking turkey and I don't waste food. Just ask my enormous ass.

The other good news is - you get to caption the photo!

Whoever gets their caption picked will get $50 donated in their name to a charity that helps feed or clothe people in need. Kate and I helped out at the Homeless Hypothermia shelter for a couple of hours last night and it was totally bad ass. We served food and hung out and I played several games of Yahtzee with some really cool ladies.

Submit your captions for this photo and we'll pick a winner in the next couple of days!

xo, Lydia

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