Friday, November 18, 2011

Mommy Has a First World Problem

For the past two weeks, we've been pretty obsessed with the whole notion of first world problems. So we asked you to share your problems with us and we asked The Badger, Mommy Shorts and Pregnant Chicken to choose the most funny, ridiculous and honest ones of the bunch.

It turns out that was a pretty hard job.  There were hundreds to choose from.  To scroll through all of them, you can click here and here.

All the judges liked this one:

A Desi Mom said... "We got so many comments on our contest that we are unable to choose the best one" - Kate and Lydia's First World Problem :D

But because it's about us we can't use it in our top ten.  So without further ado, these are our top ten - in no particular order:

April D. Hunt said... I made queso dip, but I ran out of chips before I was done with the queso, so I have to buy more chips, but then I don't have enough queso. It's a never ending cycle.

Amy said…The Starbucks drive thru is too small for my Yukon XL to fit through so I have to walk into the store.

Mandy said... "This tiny cut on my thumb makes texting EXTREMELY painful." 

Avery said... Last Saturday I had to take two showers because my massage appointment was before my run that day

Sandee Harned said... It has taken so long for the stuff I ordered off of zulily to arrive that I no longer remember what it is.

Amy Renee said... Our fancy new dining room table won't be here in time for Thanksgiving, so we have to use the *other* dining room table.

Erin said... Trader Joe's stopped carrying my favorite "Moondust" cheese. Apparently it was a "Spotlight" cheese and only around for the month. I wish someone would've told me that. said... My husband took the iPad to school so I had to poop without playing Words with Friends.

Lisa N said...The backyard looks ugly when the pool cover is on.

Anonymous said... Sometimes, my feet are too warm in my Uggs, but too cold in my socks.

And the winner? Is Lisa N. She gets $50 donated to Toys for Tots in her honor. 

And in case you were wondering if Mommyshorts was insanely awesome... She is. She made us this to go with the crying Dawson Meme. 
Thanks so much to everyone who participated. And thanks for reminding us (especially this time of year) that all of our troubles are really just first world problems.
Peace out, hookers.
K & L

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