Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Rants. New Venue.

Last summer we got an email from a woman, an editor no less, whose name sounded almost exactly like this:

Except her name is not really Andrea Zuckerman.
So of course, we thought Stark.Raving.Mad.Mommy was pranking us. Then we realized she was an actual person who was an actual editor and we had gotten her name wrong and we felt like total jackholes. Especially when she offered us a job.

Instead of working for a high school newspaper or being imaginary, as we'd originally thought - she is an editor for a very big website called Babble.  And she offered us a job writing for one of their blogs called Strollerderby a couple of days a week.

We were like: "WOO HOOO! Yes, yes and yesser!"

And then we realized that Kate wasn't going to be able to do it because of her brand new, bad ass, karate ninja, rock star job as a producer.  So we figured they would tell us no thank you and ask us to move along.  Because instead of getting both of us, they would only get me.  And I am a bear of very little brain.

But they hired me anyway and I started this week.

If you'd like to see what I've been up to over there - here it is. One post is called "10 Reasons I Knew I Was Done Having Kids".  It's extremely Lydia-ish and a very Mommyland kind of post, except of course I had to write it under my own name.* Here is one of my ten reasons:

"The top of a baby’s head used to be my kryptonite. I would smell that delicious smell and kiss that fuzzy hair and just melt. And start daydreaming of a new baby. I probably ovulated based on that smell alone. But now? I can smooch a baby’s head all day long with no fear of getting The Urge. It’s awesome."

Also available in blue and pink.
Remember how I used to yell at people to keep their precious, adorable babies the hell away from me so I wouldn't get pregnant? I don't have to do that anymore!

Another post is a Twitter round-up of Halloween FAILS.  The one I like best is from a daddy who tweeted:

"New rule: you can no longer #trickortreat when you have facial hair. Kid knocking on my door looks like Isaac Hayes."

There will be a lot more Babble posts coming (about three a week).  I'll link to them on Facebook and periodically do a round-up of everything I've posted there, on the off chance you want to read it.
Everyone once in a while, they're going to let me do a shared post with Mommyland.

For example, next week I'm posting there about how much I hate HGTV because it ruins everything in the whole world.  The same day, I'll be posting here about how sometimes I tune my husband out because his voice starts to sound like "WAH WAH WAH".

Those two things are related.  HGTV and me not listening. So I'll link between them and see what happens. Maybe my husband will read it and stop talking to me while I'm watching TV. Or maybe HGTV will read it and tell me to go suck an egg.

It's all so exciting.

xo, Lydia

*Q: Why are you idiots Kate & Lydia here when those are not your real names?
  A: We started the blog writing under assumed names to protect our secret identities and guilty secrets.  And also the privacy of our families. None of the names we use on here are real.  But then we had the opportunity to write rants for other people and go on TV and babble about stuff, so we had to start using our real names for that.  In Mommyland, however we will remain Kate & Lydia forevah!

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