Monday, November 21, 2011

The Thanksgiving MommyLand Spy Mission

So in our quest to find that balance between the awesomeness that is MommyLand and the awesomeness that is our families, Kate and Lydia will be taking this week off to celebrate give thanks eat our way into bigger pants.

But we do have a mission before you before we go...mostly inspired by the whacktacular dishwasher turkey that Kate's mother-in-law fixed last year. And while we wouldn't call the Dishwasher Turkey a FAIL, it was still pretty insane-in-the-membrane to look for a clean coffee cup and finding dinner steaming away in the top rack.

So, bring us your Thqnksgiving FAILS, whether it's a centerpiece made by one of your kids, a cake gone wrong...or something else that makes you happy that, if you eat enough turkey, you can just sleep through the rest of the day.

We'll post our favorites...Happy Thanksgivng, y'all. Bring on the triptophan.

xoxo Kate and Lydia

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