Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Whuck of the Day: Is There a General Exit?

We got this from a self-proclaimed "lurker (stalker?)" and fell in love. We love when government agencies spend money on things before allowing people to proofread them.

And, as ever, it spawned a flurry of texts...

[Kate's phone bings, announcing a new text message]
Kate: Shut UP!
Lydia: I know...I'm so happy.
Kate: Wait. Are we going to Boston?
Lydia: I KNOW! They must be expecting us.
Kate: Hold on...this is a government building. Advertising this entrance maybe isn't a good idea.
Lydia: I could say something snarky about politicians.
Kate: Please don't...
Lydia: Helloooooooo Ladies. You go thru this door...
Kate: And, now I have to throw up a little.
Lydia: I also have to wonder if there's a Specific Hooker.
Kate: Seriously, Lydia. Stop writing...
Lydia: And, if so, what's specific about her?
Kate: Uhhhhh...
Lydia: Well, I'm just happy we have an entrance of our own. I don't really want to use the Specific Hooker one.
Kate: GAH! There's no Specific Hooker entrance!
Lydia: How do you know? We just found out there's a General Hookers entrance. I totally bet there's a Specific entrance too...wait.
Kate: Just say it...
Lydia: Oh, that was gross, wasn't it?

Yes, that *does* say General Hooker Entrance...well done, Massachusetts. Way to edit.

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  1. haha, General Hooker is actually how we got the term "hooker" for umm Ladies of the Night. He was known for keeping company with such women and... well there you have it! (who says you don't learn anything in high school history class?!)

  2. What was it supposed to say and where is it? I live near Boston, I'd love to see it in person.

  3. Hmmm, shoulda known you ladies would like this! It's right on the fence in front of the state house, at the top of Boston Common.

  4. I just assumed there was a General who had the last name Hooker.

    Your way is funnier.

  5. Had I had the foresight to, I would have taken a pic the first time I saw this sign and laughed. Apparently the fancier Hookers get to use the valet around back.

  6. It's not a typo... Joseph Hooker was a war hero from Hadley, MA who fought in the Mexican-American war. We can't help it if our heroes all have AWESOME names. Also, we try to name everything with marginally inappropriate names, it's sort of our thing.

  7. Yup, that's how we roll up here in Boston...

  8. I totally want a pic of Kate and Lydia at that sign. And then maybe I'll fly halfway across the country to get a photo of myself. Or maybe I'll just photoshop it. You are right - it's freaking beautiful!

  9. I have close relatives who live on Hooker Farm Road in a NH town near Boston. Yep - that's where they grow the best ones, apparently.

  10. Where do the pirate hookers enter? oh, through the back probably...

  11. So if you are a "Specific Hooker" does that mean you only do certain things?

  12. Love it!! There is even a General Hooker statue. My office is right down the street and our emergency meeting place is right near the "hooker"...figure that will get the guys out of the office!

  13. There used to be a pub in Heuston train station in Dublin called the Galway Hooker (as in a type of boat). I prefer to think the working women took the train to work.

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. Dear Anonymous,
    If you can't get the sand out, feel free to make me some pearls.
    A Classy Lass from Mass.

    P.S. Kate and Lydia, keep doing what you're doing because you're HILARIOUS. Also, my house for T-Boxes the next time you're visiting the Bay State. =)

  16. Hehe...couldn't help it I had to share this on FB today. Our musings may answer the questions you have...

    Friend 1. I always get confused by the 'general' part...What if I were a "specialty hooker'? Do I also get my own entrance??

    Friend 2. Budget cut backs only allow for General Hookers these days

    Friend 3. Maybe its like an hmo - You first have to see a generalist for a referral to a specialist

    Friend 2. - I want a second/third opinion.

  17. Try going to Lancaster PA...when we went there for our anniversary, we had to go through Intercourse to get to Paradise...avoiding BlueBall, of course! (I kid you not- we are only 1.5 hours from Lancaster and go there at least 6 times a year to shop at the farms!

  18. Hi Ladies,

    I love you to pieces, and I love your blog, but I must clear up some facts, expecially since you are making fun of my home state.

    The following excerpts are from Wikipedia:
    Joseph Hooker (November 13, 1814 – October 31, 1879) was a career United States Army officer, fought in the Mexican-American War, and was a major general in the Union Army during the American Civil War.

    Hooker served throughout the Civil war, and is best remembered for his stunning defeat by Confederate General Robert E. Lee at the Battle of Chancellorsville in 1863.

    There is a popular legend that "hooker" as a slang term for a prostitute is derived from his last name[19] because of parties and a lack of military discipline at his headquarters. Some versions of the legend claim that the band of prostitutes that followed his division were derisively referred to as "General Hooker's Army" or "Hooker's Brigade."[20] However, the term "hooker" was used in print as early as 1845, years before Hooker was a public figure,[21] and is likely derived from the concentration of prostitutes around the shipyards and ferry terminal of the Corlear's Hook area of Manhattan in the early to middle 19th century, who came to be referred to as "hookers".[22] The prevalence of the Hooker legend may have been at least partly responsible for the popularity of the term.[23]

    OK, everybody??

    There is an equestrian statue of General Hooker outside the Massachusetts State House in Boston, and that, my dear Kate & Lydia, is why that entrance in known as the “General Hooker Entrance.”

    The Mominator

    1. General Joe hooker is actually a relative of mine. I am named after him and so ismy father, his father and so on. he was a very brave soldier as following in the footsteps of his forfathers, who include John Hart who signed the declaration of independence and was later murdered along with his family for doing so. So before you young and ignorant kids start making fun of a sign or a family name why don't you get your facts straight. This country was built on the backs of people like General Joe Hooker!

  19. I work for a defense contractor and all our rooms are named after Generals. The big conference is the Jimmy Doolittle room ( and the spare room that I get to pump in is the Chesty Puller room ( Seriously, Chesty Puller, you can't get better than that.

  20. PLEASE come to Boston! We need to all get knocked off our pretentious asses and have a good dose of real mommyland!




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