Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Whuck of the Day: Is There a General Exit?

We got this from a self-proclaimed "lurker (stalker?)" and fell in love. We love when government agencies spend money on things before allowing people to proofread them.

And, as ever, it spawned a flurry of texts...

[Kate's phone bings, announcing a new text message]
Kate: Shut UP!
Lydia: I know...I'm so happy.
Kate: Wait. Are we going to Boston?
Lydia: I KNOW! They must be expecting us.
Kate: Hold on...this is a government building. Advertising this entrance maybe isn't a good idea.
Lydia: I could say something snarky about politicians.
Kate: Please don't...
Lydia: Helloooooooo Ladies. You go thru this door...
Kate: And, now I have to throw up a little.
Lydia: I also have to wonder if there's a Specific Hooker.
Kate: Seriously, Lydia. Stop writing...
Lydia: And, if so, what's specific about her?
Kate: Uhhhhh...
Lydia: Well, I'm just happy we have an entrance of our own. I don't really want to use the Specific Hooker one.
Kate: GAH! There's no Specific Hooker entrance!
Lydia: How do you know? We just found out there's a General Hookers entrance. I totally bet there's a Specific entrance too...wait.
Kate: Just say it...
Lydia: Oh, that was gross, wasn't it?

Yes, that *does* say General Hooker Entrance...well done, Massachusetts. Way to edit.

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