Thursday, November 10, 2011

Whuck of the Day: We Have a Hang-Up

Remember Lionel Ritchie? And the Disney cups? We're not sure if the universe is just that crazy, or if we've become more susceptible to the whack over the past two years. Because it seems like every time we turn around, there's something else that we're pretty sure was manufactured just to screw with us.

And, because we also like to pass the ca-razy around, Kate sent it to Lydia in a text message. No words. Just the picture...

[Lydia's phone beeps, announcing a text message]

Lydia: What in the name of Maude?

Kate: Isn't that not hilarious. I'm currently dying.

Lydia: Gah! My eyes. Do you hate me?

Kate: I'm going to laugh to death.

Lydia: What is WRONG with you?

Kate: I think this might be the most Whucktastic thing ever...

Lydia: It's so, so, so, so wrong.

Kate: It's to hold your puse.

Lydia: Whuck? Whuck?!

Kate: (#$&@P(# PURSE. I meant to write PURSE

Lydia: Please stop texting me.

Kate: PURSE. Like, you know...your handbag.

Lydia: I think you've done lost your mind.

Kate: Wait. No. Forget that word...ewwwww.

Lydia: EWWWW!

Kate: OK, see the strappy part? That's--

Lydia: Kate you need to--

Kate: --that's the handle--

Lydia: Please stop.

Kate: --of the purse.

Lydia: And, my phone is now dead.

Kate: Awesome! Because it realized it's funny?

Lydia: No. Because I stomped it.

Kate: But you're still texting...


Kate: Oh, time you can just leave your purse on the floor. Me? I'm using the porny thing. Oh wait, that was gross, wasn't it?

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