Thursday, November 10, 2011

Whuck of the Day: We Have a Hang-Up

Remember Lionel Ritchie? And the Disney cups? We're not sure if the universe is just that crazy, or if we've become more susceptible to the whack over the past two years. Because it seems like every time we turn around, there's something else that we're pretty sure was manufactured just to screw with us.

And, because we also like to pass the ca-razy around, Kate sent it to Lydia in a text message. No words. Just the picture...

[Lydia's phone beeps, announcing a text message]

Lydia: What in the name of Maude?

Kate: Isn't that not hilarious. I'm currently dying.

Lydia: Gah! My eyes. Do you hate me?

Kate: I'm going to laugh to death.

Lydia: What is WRONG with you?

Kate: I think this might be the most Whucktastic thing ever...

Lydia: It's so, so, so, so wrong.

Kate: It's to hold your puse.

Lydia: Whuck? Whuck?!

Kate: (#$&@P(# PURSE. I meant to write PURSE

Lydia: Please stop texting me.

Kate: PURSE. Like, you know...your handbag.

Lydia: I think you've done lost your mind.

Kate: Wait. No. Forget that word...ewwwww.

Lydia: EWWWW!

Kate: OK, see the strappy part? That's--

Lydia: Kate you need to--

Kate: --that's the handle--

Lydia: Please stop.

Kate: --of the purse.

Lydia: And, my phone is now dead.

Kate: Awesome! Because it realized it's funny?

Lydia: No. Because I stomped it.

Kate: But you're still texting...


Kate: Oh, time you can just leave your purse on the floor. Me? I'm using the porny thing. Oh wait, that was gross, wasn't it?

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  1. Hey ladies,
    I'm new at this and this is the third time trying to comment. Anyhoo...THIS IS FROM ME!!!!!! Wahoo!! So happy you used it. Also? I thought you might like to know that there was a mini "purse holder" right below this one!! It was awesome. As soon as I saw it I thought "those ladies at RFML are TOTALLY going to appreciate this.
    You make me laugh everyday! Thanks.
    I'm glad I got to make you laugh.

  2. You gotta wonder, who thought that was a good interior design choice?

  3. I wish you had made it an Angry Octopus cousin.

  4. I LOVE IT. I must ask, where did you find it? Because I need some of these in my house.

  5. I think the correct usage would be, "it is for your puse to hold."

  6. whuck-tastic, indeed!!
    i thought of you ladies yesterday at the ENT appointment for my son...there was a crooked hooker on the bathroom door.
    clearly the octopus had been drinking t-boxes with you two...

  7. My 3 year old just asked me why there was a Penis on the wall. Lol we aren't the only ones that see it!

  8. You ladies are the best. And Lauren is totally on to something.

  9. If I happen to go back I will definitely make it into an angry octopus cousin. Anyone have any suggestions on what I could do?? I found it in a pub on one of my rare nights out, and I nearly died!!

  10. I'm CRYING, I'm laughing so hard and that was BEFORE I saw the pic! Thanks!


  11. Interesting... all I see is a purse hook;)

  12. Omg you have to see whats hanging in my shower!
    Sarah D

  13. I thought of you ladies yesterday after I lost my schmidt. My 4 year old son was standing in the tub, screaming because he didn't have his towel, which was hanging literally one foot away on the back of the door. Rushing to get to a meeting, I stomped over, yanked the towel off, and got smacked in the face by the hooker. True story, I have the bruise to prove it.




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