Monday, December 5, 2011

And, It Just Keeps Getting Better

You might have heard that we're Helping Hookers. Wait --no. We're not really helping people who are hookers; we are hookers who are helping other people.

Anyway, you guys responded in such a spectacular fashion that 1) we were thrilled and want to dash all over the country like we're Ty Pennington and yelling out of vans that "Hey Hooker Family! We're here to help!" but also 2) busy as crap, because now we actually have to sort through the thousands of emails we got.

We also said that we'd turn Amy the Pregnant Chicken's Helping Hooker drawing into a t-shirt. And we totally did! Woot! There's also some other fun new things there, in the most inappropriately titled page ever, Mommyland Hooker Gifts.

See? It's a booby grab. Righty will feel jealous because Lefty is getting all the love.

You really are a hooker with a heart of gold. Now get your coffee on.

Don't tell anyone. It's like being a secret Santa, but with thigh high boots.

We'll take ALL the proceeds from the sale of the hooker memorabilia and donate it to an awesome charity. Because heh heh heh... hooker memorabilia. Too bad it won't go on your credit card bill like that.

Kate already bought hers, IN PINK! We'll be posting a video of the awesomeness as soon as it show up...but, until then, we'll be very, very busy beavers matching you hookers up -- givers and receivers.

Wait, that's sounded gross, didn't it?

xoxo, Kate and Lydia

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