Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Story - Part Three

Kate, Guru Louise and I have read this first story about 14 times and I still cry ever time. It just makes my heart want to bust out of my already substantial cleavage. It also makes me brave enough to admit something to you hookers.

During this whole experiment, every time I sent an email matching hookers up (and I sent about a million of them), I said a prayer. You don't have to believe in God to be one of my b*tches, you know that already. But I believe, so every time I hit send - I prayed for the mom who gave and for her kids and the year to come. And I prayed for the mom who would receive, for her and her babies and for a year that would see her family thriving.

And I know I'm a corny old cry baby and I swear that is the last time I talk about this EVER. But I wanted you to know.

xo, Lydia


How A Hooker Saved My Son's First Christmas

I posted this to the Rants from Mommyland Facebook wall:

"Today I woke up after three hours of sleep with my newborn to my fiance telling me that the place that was supposed to be hiring him said that there is no work. Next, I received a phone call from DPSS to inform me that my application for food stamps has been denied, and that they don't care if we have more bills than we do money, we have to reapply when my fiance's unemployment runs out at the end of this month. So, I left the house feeling hopeless and in an awful mood to apply for WIC. I came home from my WIC appointment to an envelope on the counter. Inside, was a beautiful card and two giftcards worth $150 from a Hooker. The kicker? I had already received a Walmart gift card last week for $25 from a Hooker. What a marvelous, beautiful, incredible, amazing surprise. There is no return address. Please, if you read this, know how beyond grateful I am to you for your kindness. You don't know what you have done for my family. Thank you!"

Later that day, I received a notification that someone had commented. This is what they wrote:

"I wanted to stay anonymous, but I am in tears reading this. When I initially volunteered to send someone a card, I was excited to do something, but it would be dishonest if I didn't say that part of me was a little nervous at the same time. But I knew I wanted, no, NEEDED to do something for someone else. I needed to be reminded about blind trust. And what a reminder it has been for me. You see, when I was little, my Mom worked for WIC-she helped moms and their children receive services and offered support. My Mom spent her life working in child nutrition, and helping make sure families had not only food, but resources to help them improve their lives, and she taught them how to use those resources because she believed in their ability as Mothers to make a difference in their children's lives. My Mom died 2 years ago at age 59. I miss her everyday. But it was not until I had the opportunity to help someone out that I finally felt like she is with me again. And I KNOW she is smiling down at you and your new baby, believing in you every step of the way. Again, with gratitude I am the one who owes you thanks. And I'm honored to be able to help in some small way. Best wishes to you and your family."
I still cry randomly when I think of what this stranger has done for my family, and I still get chills. I was able to buy my little son Christmas presents. I was also able to buy enough yarn to crochet him plenty of warm hats and a blanket to keep him warm this winter season.
What you ladies have done... I just hope that you grasp the magnitude. Thank you so much, from this brand new Mama and her little baby.

And with that, we'll sign off for today. Mostly because we can't see, because of all the eye watering. xoxo Kate

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  1. This story made my heart so big it *gave* my double A chest some cleavage!

    Guru Louise

  2. Officially ugly crying this early. Such a touching post.

  3. What a beautiful story, and how wise of you to realize that we only needed this one today! Reading these stories and comments on your blog each day has truly brightened up my holiday season. And Lydia, as a fellow believer in the true power of prayer, thank you for sending so many heartfelt prayers out on behalf of all of us mommies. Praying that you, Kate, Guru Louise, and all of your families continue to experience the joy from giving to others and that you all have a happy and blessed New Year!

  4. Love these stories! But wondering why you have to be "brave" to "admit" that you prayed for all of these women....

  5. Oh Lydia, don't ever be afraid to talk about how you prayed. We wouldn't have Christmas without CHRIST! God was in this whole experience, using you guys to change lives. Great job!


  6. I may have to stop reading these! I love how at the beginning of your experiment it came across as a fun, neat idea to help out a few women who needed a hand this Christmas, and now it's this huge thing that has touched so many lives (givers and receivers both!). You two are awesome, I love coming here to read this blog. I love your sense of humor, the ability to laugh at motherhood, and that fact that it's so real. Keep it up - except for making me cry at the breakfast table and having my kids think I'm even nutser than they already do.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. I'm ugly crying - and there was no Ingrid warning!

  8. I so love that you "profile" a giver as well as a receiver - as many women have already said, being able to give a little something was an absolute highlight of my holiday season and has brought me so much joy!

  9. THANK YOU for praying for me, since I was a receiver. Please continue, if you think about it, because we can use all the help we can get! Thanks again for all your hard work, and your help, and your prayers. We'll pray for you, too :-)

  10. Lydia, I just love knowing you sent out a little prayer along with your email. And I love reading these stories of how the Helping Hookers project really did help a damn fine lot of hookers this holiday season.

  11. Please never hesitate to talk about God or prayer! He was in this amazing event!

  12. Way to go! You broke me! Que Ugly Cry now.

  13. This is awesome :) I havent been online for a while and have been catching up on RFML. What an awsome thing you guys did. God will never give us anything we can not handle but somtimes we need help from his angels




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