Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tell Us A Story

As you probably already know, Kate has a thing about Target, and the magical things that happen there, like tea parties and treasure hunts. She also likes to tell stories that she doesn't suck at telling.

So we started seeing a trend a few days ago when emails started coming in that were telling us their stories about what happened when certain moms of MommyLand went out to their mailboxes and found red Target envelopes and WalMart envelopes and all kinds of envelopes with all kinds of surprises inside.

And, Kate called Lydia and said, "See, hooker! I told you Target was freakin' magical." And then Lydia tried to remind her that Kate was the one that had been all cynic-y and snitchy about the Hooker Experiment. But fortunately, Kate had stopped listening at that point...

We think the thing we didn't expect in this grand experiment was the stories. We read the most heart-wrenching stories from moms who needed help and the most amazing stories from moms for the reasons they wanted to help. [Editor's Note: One mom had lost her son, and wanted to send a gift to the mom of a son, just so she could remember what it was like. To that mom who wrote us that letter, thank you for the reminder of how special those tiny humans are, especially when they're making us crazy. I hope you don't mind me sharing a moment of your story. - Kate]

So, before we officially close the door on the Helping Hookers Experiment, we want to hear your stories. Many of you have written, and we've read them all and called each other and laughed and cried and really, stop making Kate cry. She never does it, so she's super out of practice, so it's really awkward and not Dawson-like at all.

We don't want to share those stories you've sent us without your permission. Many of you have asked for anonymity, but many of you have stories you want to share. The Story of the Trip to the Mailbox. The Story of the Red Envelope. The Story I'll Tell My Children About Christmas. So, please. Tell Us A Story. Your story. Send it to us at and put "My Story" in the subject line. We'll post them over the days around Christmas.

And somewhere in the reading, your hooker will see her name, or her city, or maybe she'll just recognize your name (if you want to share it) and she'll know what our kids always have known. That Christmas happens in the magic, in the quiet. And sometimes, even in the Target.

xoxo Kate and Lydia

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