Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Funniest Song Lyrics Kids Ever Got Wrong

Last week, after hearing her son sing a heartwarming rendition of "Boobs like Jagger", Lydia asked you to send us the funniest song lyrics your kids ever got wrong and they were so awesome.

Being indecisive and not wanting to play favorites, we asked our buddies Guru Louise, Mom in a Million, Stark.Raving.Mad.Mommy and the international superstar Pregnant Chicken (she's from Canada) to help us.

Here are the ones that made us snort our loud:

From:  Anonymous on Jan 12, 2012 10:20 PM
My daughter is not old enough to mess up lyrics yet, but growing up my favorite one was for the song "Summer Breeze makes me feel fine..." My friend thought it was "Summer's Eve makes me feel fine...". Everbody laughed and she didn't know why until she got older and found out what Summer's Eve was.

From: My side of the fence on Jan 12, 2012 10:03 PM
My daughter Alex thought the words to "Get Down Tonight" were: "Do a little dance, smack that duck, get down tonight"....she used to sing it all the time lol

From: Kara on Jan 12, 2012 10:05 AM
This one struck me so funny that I had to pull the car over because I was laughing so hard. My 8 yo daughter thought the words to a Katy Perry song was "I kicked a squirrel and I liked it!" and she was quite upset that someone would be so mean.

From Anonymous on Jan 13, 2012 06:30 AM
Both my boys sang, "I got to move my dragon, I got to move my dragon!"

From: Anonymous on Jan 12, 2012 02:36 PM
 When my daughter was little she sang "Don't you wish your goldfish was hot like me!"
And more of a mistake of the mouth than thinking if the wrong words- once she was singing Beyonces Halo- supposed to be "baby I can see your Halo" and she belted out "Baby I can see your A- hole!"

From: Milli on Jan 12, 2012 10:06 AM
We went through a phase of listening to a lot of Schoolhouse Rock.  I can't hear it now without thinking of the lyrics my son (then age 4) supplied... "Lolly lolly lolly get your badgers here!"

From: Julia on Jan 12, 2012 07:59 AM
My three year old had two that really stuck:  "Waving your bladder all over the place" in We Will Rock You.

From Christine on Jan 12, 2012 07:25 AM
Beach Boys "Help Me Rhonda" by my 7 year old:  "Since you let me down I've got owls poopin in my head."

From: Tamar A. on Jan 12, 2012 03:58 AM
The other day we were headed to preschool and my 3-and-a-half year old son suddenly "sang", "I like big trucks and I cannot lie!" That was apparently all he knew, and I have no idea where he heard the original.

From: Anonymous on Jan 13, 2012 02:13 PM 
A friend's little brother used to sing "Big ol' Jed had a rhino. . " instead of "Big old jet airliner". But I actually think that's what Steve Miller Band sings if you listen!

From: Katy on Jan 12, 2012 06:13 AM
While driving a few months back my three year old started dancing and singing along with Lady Gaga. At first it was just a bunch of gibberish, but then came the chorus-
"Can't eat my, can't eat my, no he can't eat my POPCORN FACE! It is so yummy, yummy!"
Mommy had to pull over until she could get her laughing under control.

And at the suggestion of our dear friend Stark.Raving.Mad.Mommy, we have a couple of categories…
From: Anonymous on Jan 12, 2012 11:37 AM
My 3 year old son just spent the last 2 months singing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing. Glory to the New Donkey!" That can't be good.
From KimR on Jan 12, 2012 06:28 AM
My son thinks Pumped Up Kicks is Funked Up Kicks, but when he actually sings it, it sounds like F*cked Up Kicks. No amount of arguing, begging, bribing or pleading will convince him that A) I'm right, or B) please don't sing that song in public.

From Barkingkel on Jan 13, 2012 10:17 AM
My girls sing "I throw my hands up in the air sometimes saying AO Galileo"

From EviesMomma on Jan 12, 2012 10:08 AM
Apparently he's not Michael Jackson, he's called Uncle Jackson. Try as I may, I cannot convince my 3.5 year old of his actual name. We had this conversation this morning while she danced her version of Thriller for me.
From Anonymous on Jan 13, 2012 05:35 AM
I'm guilty of this too and I'm 35. Before my husband corrected me, I thought the lyrics to that same song were, "You've got the moves, Luck Dragon'...you know, Falcor? That big, flying dog thing in The Neverending Story? Yeah, he does have the moves...

And the overall winner of the title of
From: My side of the fence on Jan 12, 2012 10:03 PM
My daughter Alex thought the words to "Get Down Tonight" were: "Do a little dance, smack that duck, get down tonight"....she used to sing it all the time lol

And for those of you who (like me) maybe, possibly let their kids listen to songs that are in questionable taste, we have this 100% safe for work and small eyes/ears parody of LMFAO's Sexy (and I know it).

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