Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Round-Up: Lydia Was TV, Cookies and Star Wars

This week's very exciting round-up includes cookies! And Star Wars! And loads of videos! Can?! You?! Feel?! The?! Excitement?!

Have you ever dealt with the 5 Minute Car Nap? It sucks balls. One of our gorgeous and talented RFML mommies sent us this video of her doing everything within her power to keep her toddler from falling asleep in the car and we thought it was awesome, so we wrote about it. Click here.

First up, if your kids like Star Wars, check out the top 12 Star Wars-themed videos on YouTube. Geeks and non-geeks alike will enjoy it, as I strongly believe that everyone can benefit from more Weird Al Yankovic in their lives. Click here.

It's Girl Scout cookie time and that means you will soon fall under the thrall of that evil, dark goddess THIN MINTS. I have such a special relationship with Girl Scout Cookies of all kinds, that I renamed them. With better names. Like "PTA Chronic", because we all know that stuff is mommy-crack. Click here.

Oh and of course the big news is that Lydia was on TV by herself and she didn't fall down! Or throw up! Kate's fancy job on Rock Center with Brian Williams means she can't go on TV anymore. So after a couple of months of Kate nagging her to go ahead and do it on her own, Lydia - like an idiot - decided she'd give it a try.

I think we can all agree that the result is a wonderous combination of whuck and whaaaa? I talked to the very sweet but somewhat undernourished talk show host Melanie Hastings, like I would talk to one my friends in real life. And then I watched the video and I was like - "That's what I sound like? OH DEAR GOD."

When it was over, I got a text from my friend Mimi that said: "I wuv you!! You awesome. Glad you did not choke on your vomit."

That may have been the best text I have ever received. And it pretty much says it all.

That clip also makes an announcement for me. I got a part time job teaching classes in Global and Community Health at a local university and I'm really, really excited about it but also extremely concerned that at any minute they will call me and tell me they were just kidding. People pay good money to send their kids to that school. My academic credentials notwithstanding, we all know that my children have eaten my brain. There's very little left. Just the part that knows how to make coffee and say "Don't forget to flush the potty."

But it's also sort of magical. Because I get to teach the class that changed my life when I was an undergrad. I love Public Health! Could I be a bigger nerd? I love Public Health and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy! There.


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