Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yee-Haw! It's A Round Up!!

So today I want to share some stuff with you guys.

First, a couple of posts I wrote for Babble:

People whose in-laws are obviously insane gave them presents and we get to laugh at them.

Disgusting GOOP that has to do with bathtubs but thankfully nothing at all to do with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Women complain about men and then it turns out everyone is pretty much equally assholic.

My kids are late to school because I am an idiot (and other reasons that you guys helped me with).

Second, some stuff our friends did:

Remember how we went to Chicago to hang out (awkwardly) with Second City people and eat Totino's Pizza Snatchers and I couldn't keep Kate off the pole?  Well, one of our friends from that trip is a BRILLIANT and incredibly nice actress/writer/comedian named Wendy Mateo and she just made this video and we loved it - especially the last line:

This is a post that Pregnant Chicken did this week that I have looked at about thousand times. Porn for Pregnant Ladies (but trust me, you don't have to be preggo to appreciate this).

Did you look at it? Then you're very welcome. Awesome, right? The Chicken is not an international superstar for nothing.

Thirdly, a little something about the interwebs. 

Have you guys heard about SOPA? Or did you notice that Google had it's logo blacked out yesterday? Or that Wikipedia and some other websites shut themselves down in protest? It's because there's legislation in the House and Senate to prevent internet piracy that if passed, could shut down a lot of major websites. Basically, internet people are freaking out about this.

Obviously, you should make up your own mind.
Honestly, we would probably be shut down, too, even though we're small potatoes. We try and make sure we use legit sources for photos, artwork and videos. But we know that some things we use are probably walking a line. And over time, we've linked to YouTube videos, etc. that would qualify us for the naughty list.  Example? That "Elmo and I Know It" video from earlier this week.

We totally agree that stealing is bad. We've been ripped off in spectacular fashion before. And even though we tried to be all cool and laugh it off and take the high road, it still chafes my keister.And the issue of people or companies stealing films and music and other stuff and redistributing them for profit is serious bidness.

Now we don't claim to know that much about this legislation - we're not experts. But we do know we'll be effected by it. And if you spend a lot of time on sites like Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, Wordpress, Wikipedia, Reddit or Pinterest - then so will you. This article was helpful.

Anyway, here are two responses to SOPA/PIPA from bloggers who we love and admire.

The Oatmeal made a lil' movie for us all! And it's filled with love. Also, some good info.

Here's a clip from Jenny The Bloggess - whom we love so much that's unhealthy.

And what's with them both talking about kittehs? Interesting...

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