Monday, February 13, 2012

10 Things about Guru Louise

You guys already know Guru Louise. But we never really properly introduced her to you. She's pretty awesome. She's written a whole bunch of guest posts (she has the little red-headed boy) and helped us with Hookers and been our very good friend. Kate is very busy with work and kids these days and not able to write as much, so we asked Louise to come on board as our Mommy in Residence. She's already part of the MommyLand family, now we're just making it official.


Since I’m going to be Mommy in Residence here in Mommyland I thought you might like to know a few things about me and what brought me to Mommyland.
  1. I have two amazing, adorable, hilarious, loud, whiney children. The older one, J, is a 3 year-old girl and the younger one, P, is a 1 year-old boy. They are 22 months apart.
  2. My husband and I have been together for ten years and married for the last five.
  3. I’m a young-ish mom, meaning I had both my babies in my 20s. Kate regularly teases me about this. For example, when I mentioned I was reading a new book she asked if it was written by Beverly Cleary or Judy Blume. (Snitch.)
  4. I have a graduate degree in Child Development. This means I know a lot of theory about little kids and how to communicate with them in a healthy, productive way. This information is surprisingly hard to access when you find your children have ripped open ten packets of instant oatmeal and dumped them all over the kitchen floor while you were peeing.
  5. I don’t live near Kate and Lydia. In fact, I live in a completely different region of the U.S.
  6. I didn’t know Kate and Lydia before they started writing this blog. I’m their creepy internet stalker friend! I started reading the blog after my son was born and I felt like I was losing my damn mind from sleep deprivation. Someone sent me the post Lydia wrote about The Blur and it was amazeballs. Then I went back and read the entire blog from start to finish. I was elated to find women who were writing about motherhood in a way that didn’t make me feel bad about myself, like the other stuff on the interweb. I wrote them a few fan emails and pitched them a post idea and we became friends in Mommyland and real life.
  7. I’ve had the distinct privilege of hanging out with Kate and Lydia in-person. I can attest that they are even funnier in real life than they are on the blog. Lydia's van does look like a big white tampon and Kate really has a wall of stilettos in her closet. It’s all true, people.
  8. I have a photo on my phone of Kate wearing sneakers and yoga pants (I’m not kidding) at the playground pushing my infant son in a bucket swing and it kills me each time I look at it because they both look sublimely happy.
  9. After the Grand Hooker Experiment Lydia hand-painted a small canvas for me that reads ‘We Can Do Hard Things’. When she handed it to me she gave me a meaningful look and said, “This applies to ALL the things in our lives, Louise.” It is proudly hanging in my dining room, despite the fact that it is wildly inappropriate and it looks like it was painted by a 5 year-old.
  10. I’m so, so happy to be here!
[Editor's note: The whole "we can do hard things" mantra really belongs to another blogger named Momastery who was our Yoda/Spirit Guide through the whole Helping Hookers project. And she agreed with us that given the nature and title of our little project, that "we can do hard things" was the perfect battle cry for it. xo, Lydia]

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  1. I look forward to hearing more from you, Guru Louise!
    And I just had to laugh at #4 - In college I took Early Childhood Development so I could work in Daycare, and I thought it would help with parenting someday. Ha! How many times I wondered if those textbook authors ever had children of their own. I was tempted to look up their addresses so I could send them one or two.

  2. Hooray for Guru Louise! and I love that sign... Can I design a shirt for RFML with that line on it?

    1. Oooh, please make that shirt! That would be so fun to wear to/from yoga, or PTO--lol!

  3. Yay guru Louise! Ps are we long separated twins becaus I can say (almost exactly) the same things. My kids were born 24 months apart (we can thank birthday margaritas for that) and my undergrad was a double in child dev and art (an art therapy grad degree that never materialized) but everything else spot on.

  4. Love having a fellow Massachusetts mom on board!

  5. Thank you for sharing that K&L actually will befriend a stalker - I've wondered about that :) My kids are also close in age - 24 months apart - but that's just because I'm getting old and we didn't realize that we CAN plan/time our children.

  6. Re-Welcome Louise! The Hooker project was amazing and we were all glad when you were able to help out. I know I was among many that stalked the fb page waiting to hear if I'd been matched up with a hooker! We Can do hard things! LOL Incidentally, I found the blog Momestary through this blog and I love her too. Same wave-length ladies. I loved being a Helping Hooker and I want to consider myself a Monkee too. Can you be a Hooker AND a Monkee? Could you imagine if the Monkees and the Hookers got together what we could do to change the world???

  7. Welcome Guru Louise! Don't worry about the age thing, I find that finding Moms who have a sense of humor and reality is WAY more important than Moms who have the same graduation year. ;) Plus I'm glad that Kate & Lydia are sharing nicely, and don't call the cops on those of us who may email them on occasion. Good to know!
    Can't wait to see what you share with us about your two kiddos and how to keep from losing your schmidt. I have to check this blog daily to try to keep a shred of sanity, help me keep it in check!!

  8. Yay! I really love this blog and I think Guru Louise will add nothing but goodness to it :D

  9. RML is lucky to have Guru Louise. I should know, I'm her papo, or at least I was until she got old enough to learn that I wasn't always completely lovable, and then pop was adequate. And Guru Louise is fortunate to have run into Kate and Lydia. I know because I graphed her calls for parenting advice and odd complaints from the time she found RML and tracked her parenting attitude on my MommyMoodMeter (a device I hope to patent soon and sell through RML), and Rants has definitely improved her Maternal Survivability Ratio (the primary scale for MommyMoodMeter data reports). The fam has just unearthed a moleskin containing her middle school joke book, so she had a funny-bone even then. A disclaimer: none of the foibles and missteps of Guru Louise's own parenting are related in any way to the pristine and fabulous parenting she herself received. I ought to know. Her kids are pretty cute anyway though, even that red-haired one who may take after the other side of the family.

  10. Welcome Guru Louise! Mine are 22 months apart as well ... 4 year old boy and 2 year old girl. It's a wild ride! So glad you're here!

  11. So nice of them to befriend a stalker ;) Cheers, L&M

  12. Yay!! So glad to have Guru Louise on a regular basis, since she also has an uncanny knack of making me feel like a 'normal' mom!!

  13. I was a young mommy, also, having my children in my early 20s. However, now I'm almost mid-30s, and these children are a teen and a tween. Guru Louise, can you please jump forward into the future with your children, gather a bunch of experience with them at these ages, then come back in time to now to advise me on how to handle mine?

  14. An official welcome aboard to the crazy train!

  15. From a fellow Massachusetts mom, welcome!

  16. You are my new inspiration for being able to do it. I have a 21 month old and am due in 3.5 weeks with my 2nd...(if she's anything like herb ig sister she will make me wait until the night before a big drinking holiday - older one was born 15 mins before Cinco De Mayo & this one could be a St. Patty's baby if I go over again. I have double justification for having a guiness in the hospital bed ;) ).

  17. I'm excited to hear more from you! I'm also a young mommy. I'm new to the craziness and loving it! Most days that is. :)

  18. I love your posts Louise! I just started my own blog about the crazy train called mommyhood!


  19. I can't wait to hear all about Guru Louise's sordid escapades in MommyLand.




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