Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Are You Pinterested in Me? Good. Let's Make Out.

Are any of you guys into Pinterest? Because lately, I have been really enjoying wasting time on it. Like maybe a little too much. My husband, the spectacular Cap'n Coupon, insists that it's stupid and makes no sense and no one knows what it is and I'm the only one in the whole world who knows about it and that it's actually called "Pictureka".

Dude said the same thing about Angry Birds and Words with Friends. He knows nothing. He joined Facebook in 2011. He thought the adults on there were either sexual predators or trying to hook up with people they went to high school with and I was like: "Well, I'm Facebook friends with your mom, so..."

Pictureka - CRAP. I mean Pinterest, is a social networking site where you can share stuff, but its all based on photos. You create categories - called boards. You pin pictures onto the boards. You follow people, and see what they pin. They follow you back (like Twitter or Facebook) and you look at everyone's pins and basically see stuff that's pretty or yummy or cool. It's really fun but a total time suck.

If you would like to see what we've pinned, you can find us here: www.Pinterest.com/mommylandrants

We have several different boards. Here is what they're called and a sample of what you can find there:

Board #1 is called: ::Snicker::

Board #2 is called: So! Cute! I! Die!
This picture prompted a conversation between me and the Cap'n.
Cap'n: It's very cute, honey. WAIT. Dear GOD. What is that small creature doing to that flower?!
Lydia: I don't know what you mean. Oh... I don't... Golly.
Cap'n: I'll tell you what's going on right there. He's deflowering it.

Board #3 is called: Things Kate Will Hate

The sight of these shoes probably made her throw up in her mouth. I love that.

Board #4 is called: I want to go and to live there in that.
It's a motherf*cking tree house.
Board #5 is called: Oooohhh Pretty!

It is orange and beautiful and I love orange things.

Board #6 is called: Oh Even Yesser

I want this tattooed on the inside of my eyelids.

Board #7 is called: I Would Put That in My Mouth

Skittle vodka. Holy crap.

Board #8 is called: Wait. Whuck?

Please tell me that me and George Takei and Kate from Michigan are not the only ones who think this is awesome.
Board #9 is called: LOVE

We really can, hookers.Thank you, Glennon.
Also! This sign was made by a fellow hooker at Barn Owl Primitives!
Board #10 is called: Squirrels
(You have to imagine me saying "Squirrels" the way Jerry Seinfeld said "Newman!" - because of the hate in my heart.)

This could happen.
Hope to see you guys over there!
xo, Lydia

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