Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Kid Dictionary Rocks

Kate and I are big believers in making up words when you can't find existing actual words that quite express what you mean. In fact we have a whole big list of sort of pretend words that we use all the time called the Mommyland Desk Reference.

That's how we met Eric Ruhalter, the dude behind The Kid Dictionary.  He read our made-up words and got in touch with us a couple of years ago to share all of his. And we fell in love with his stuff.  

Wait. That sounded totally different in my brain.

Anyway. His made-up words are hilarious. In fact, they are so awesome and clever that they make us wet ourselves. And guess what? HE NOW HAS A BOOK COMING OUT! We're so happy for him and want to spread the word about his upcoming opus.
For the 25 funniest words about kids that you really, really need to know, check THIS OUT.

Eric and Lydia did that post together for Babble and it's crackerjacktastic.

Oh! And here's one of Eric's videos - to give you a taste of what we're talking about.

It's really, really gratifying when someone in the blogging world gets a book deal - it's even cooler when it's someone like Eric, who is really talented and really nice. We want to congratulate him, his hawt wife and their three kids!

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  1. OMG I love it! I am a Hypocriticizer. Wait... is that right? LOL

  2. I sparkly-heart love "Uppitude." I, too, have 3 kids and we have an elevator button pushing routine. The oldest gets to push the all of the UP buttons outside of the elevator. The middle gets to push all of the DOWN buttons outside of the elevator. And the youngest gets to push the number buttons inside. My logic is that it helps with the youngest with numbers. And, also, I hate the arguments. Also, our pediatrician's office has an elevator, so the deal is the sick child gets to push ALL THE BUTTONS. That's probably not very logical, though, considering the germs. :)

  3. We totally have made up words like that in our house - my favorite of which is "Poo-nami." When a wave of poop pours out of your child's diaper leaving a disaster in its wake. (Or a pootaster if you prefer...)




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