Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Mommyland Guide to A Happy Marriage TEASER

Last week, I asked for your advice on how to have a happy marriage. It was awesome! Between Facebook and comments on the blog post, we got almost 500 responses. Then I started the process of trying to summarize all your good ideas.

I started that process a few days ago and I am still noodling on how to do it justice. It's been kind of beating my ass like a rented mule, to be honest with you. But I'm almost there. It could be pretty cool if my stupidity doesn't mess it up. Thank goodness I have Kate and Guru Louise to help me.

I'll have the final report for you by the end of the week. But in the mean time, here's what I can show you so far. It's just a chart of what you guys thought were the most important things to know about having a happy relationship.

As expected, you people are all obviously geniuses. I'm pretty sure we could win a Nobel Prize or something for this.

Chart #1: Top Ten Items Mommyland Identified in Order to Have A Kick Ass Marriage or Partnership or Long Term Relationship or Whatever

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