Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Help this Woman: Can You Make My Life Easier?

I'm pretty close to becoming a crazy cat lady.
I need your advice. Currently, I'm working basically full-time. I have two part time jobs that pay me, I also have this blog, I have three kids, I have a delightful husband, I have a home, I help out in my kids' classrooms. I don't have any sort of formal daycare arrangement. So most of my work I do after the kids go to sleep or the two mornings a week that Mini is at preschool. I am losing my mind.

I know I'm not even special. Everyone is in a near-constant state of being overwhelmed, right? Please say yes. But I can't shake the feeling that there are people out there doing it all so much better than I am. Living a life that is organized and serene, without frenetic flapping about or excessive boob-stains.

By the way, if you're wondering why I'm working two jobs right now, I sort of explain it here.

It may also be a function of my recent obsession with Pinterest. Because I see things there and I'm like: "WHUCK?? Why have I have never thought about doing that before? That would make my life so much easier. Here's an excellent example:

GAH!! If I could just get all my hoarded cats better organized...

Just kidding, I was actually talking more about this:

Apparently, these are pre-made meals for the crockpot. Which you then freeze and use whenever you need them.
You can check out all kinds of stuff like this on my Pinterest Board "Imma Try Dat".

So here is my request: What do you do to make your life easier? Do you have tips? Tricks? Schedules or lists? Reward charts? Things you have to do the night before? Things you know about dinner? Have you found the Achilles' heel of Randy the Laundry Fairy?

The deal is this, if I don't start getting better at being a grown-up, I'm going to have give up TV, Words with Friends, Facebook, wine and blogging. And then what's left? So now you see how serious this situation has become.

Like with the marriage/relationship post, I'll write a post putting together all of your invaluable and amazeballs feedback and suggestions.

I thank you most sincerely.
xo, Lydia

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