Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Help This Woman: What the Hell Do I Do Now?

I got this email last night and I have to say: OH CRAP. It's sort of my worst teenage nightmare - or one of them, anyway. When my little sister (at age 18) came to live with me and the Cap'n and our kiddos, she was doing way worse stuff than this. But she had decided to turn her ship around, so even though it was a hard transition - the change came from her. I suspect that's why it worked out.So really, I have no idea what to say.

This mom is asking us for our advice and suggestions. So let's her give our judgement-free thoughts - because we all know that sometimes good kids make crappy choices. Here's her email:

My 16 yr. old son, we'll call him "C" was caught before school with 2 girls and they had been smoking pot. They had pretty much finished smoking it by the time the officer got there, so they ended being charged with paraphernalia for the pipe. I have an attorney friend who's helping us to hopefully get him off with less trouble. He told me to let C know this is his ONE chance and not to expect to get help or get off easy if he ever gets caught again. Of course, my son was all "I understand," etc., but I've come to find out that he's been up to no good.

He's working at a grocery store part time and is usually scheduled till 9pm, but has called quite a few nights saying they asked him to work late.  Come to find out, only 1 or 2 of those nights did he actually stay late, but he claimed he was there and stayed an hour or two over.  I just knew something was up, so I went by this morning while he and the Wildman (his 10 yr. old ADHD, Asperger's brother) were at school.  The nice manager showed me when he clocked out last Friday and Saturday night and guess what?  He left at 9pm, he didn't stay over.  I guess he thinks hubby and I are too old and dumb to eventually figure it out when his paycheck doesn't show those hours. 

Then he's been going to a friend's house after school. Only thing is, on Facebook (glad they didn't have FB back when I was his age!), this kid and his mom's pages say he lives too far away to be going to the same school as C.  Did they both neglect to put the correct town on their pages?  Somehow I doubt it.

We already have our hands full with the Wildman's issues and now we have to worry where C is, what he's doing, etc.  What if he gets caught again?  What if he's driving and gets pulled over, or worse, gets in an accident? I am stressed out and on the verge of losing my schmidt!

Any ideas on how to get through to him about this and what it could do to his life and the lives of others? I don't want to wait till it's too late to do something!  Please help!



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