Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Kids Will Eat Anything

This child is terrifying.
I once made the mistake of telling our friend the Yenta that my kids will eat anything. Being a newlywed who is not a mom yet, she thought that meant they ate a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables and whole grains and other crap like that. I had to correct her. I was like: "Yenta, when I said they'll eat anything, I meant that literally. Yesterday Mini ate a rock she found on my neighbor's driveway."

But you know what? She still asked me to write a post for her about how to coerce adorable small people into eating food that is healthy for them. And here it is:

Do you have any questions for the Yenta for her next foodie post for us? I for one, want some recipes for Spring and Summer that are crock potty. I love my Crock but feel like I only use it in the winter. I also want to know about eggplant. Why does it always make my mouth feel stingy? I love it so much but it doesn't seem to love me back. Is that normal? Or is my eggplant just being dickish?

One more thing, our darling Yenta has been nominated as one of the top food blogs by our buddies at Babble. Would you mind talking a minute to vote for her? Just click here (she's #386 if you search alphabetically). I tried to use my influence over there to get them to just go ahead and pick her and they were like: "There are rules, jackass."*

*They didn't actually say that but I'm pretty sure they were thinking it.

xo, Lydia

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