Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Best 10 Minutes on the Internet - Caine's Arcade

This is Caine in his office. Photo is from
Sometimes you come across stuff on the internet and you just really have to share it. This is one of those things. Please meet 9 year-old Caine Monroy. Caine lives in East Los Angeles with his family. He spent his summer vacation last year building an elaborate arcade in the store front of his dad's junk yard and used auto parts store. He made it out of cardboard boxes and random found objects from the store room.

The arcade is ingenius. The games are awesome. You can tell this kid spent all summer and every weekend since working on it. But he only had one customer. And no one at school believed him when he said he had his own arcade. But Caine never gave up and he always kept working.

It turns out that his one customer was a film-maker named Nirvan Mullick. Nirvan thought such a great kid and such a cool DIY cardboard arcade should be shared. So he set up a surprise flashmob to make Caine happy. And it worked. And he made an amazing short film about it.

If you have ten minutes to spare, this is the sweetest, funnest, best ten minutes you can spend on the internet. I promise it will leave you smiling. And if you're a big cry baby like me, sniffling.


To learn more about this grade kid, his arcade and the film, check out Caine's Arcade. There's even a scholarship fund set up for this adorable, hard-working and brilliant little dude. Sniffle.

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