Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Self-Timer Incident

How was your holiday weekend? Good? Let me tell you who did NOT begin her Easter on the right foot: my friend, Amy.

Note: Before we discuss this any further, let me just tell you that this may get a little disgusting. But if you've dealt with small children it's pretty much par for the course.

Amy had a really extra special weekend planned. Besides having two small children at Easter (which, as you know, means a lot of built-in fun and excitement over eggs, bunnies, and candy) it was also her younger daughter's 1st birthday. So Amy decided she was going to be the hostess with the mostess and have a fantastic combo Easter/Birthday party at her house this past weekend. She planned. She shopped. She scoured Pinterest. Even while managing her household, her two kids, and working overnight shifts as a kick-ass nurse, she was ready! Everything was prepared! She was so excited to celebrate her sweet baby girl!

Then disgusting disaster struck: everyone in her house got hit with the dreaded stomach virus 3 days before the party. One by one, they dropped liked flies. So, overwhelmed with disappointment and anger, Amy cancelled baby's party and resigned herself to a holiday weekend of quarantine.

But wait! That didn't mean they couldn't still have some family fun decorating eggs, right? So on Saturday evening she sat down with her gorgeous family and they did the classic egg dyeing project. When they finished their beautiful eggs she decided to set the self-timer on her digital camera and get a family photo to capture what little fun they actually got to have this weekend:

When I sent this to Kate at first she thought the baby was drinking out of a really long straw...but no....

Has a self timer ever captured anything more glorious in the history of ever? I think we can all safely say no. In Amy's words:
"This was our first "healthy" day. We had taken 2 others photos and she was on my hip. I flipped her forward for this one and right before the camera went off I noticed her belly felt really distended. I look at this picture to stop myself from crying. SERENITY NOW!"

You're my hero, Amy! But maybe we should wait a few more days to meet at the playground...

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