I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your Mother Pucker project!

When I read the blog entry about taking Mothers day back it really upset me... I was all teary and bleary thinking about all the Moms I knew that could use a pick me up from someone who understood.

My nephew was born 7 months ago with a severe form of Spina Bifida and very rare complications with it. He has been in the hospital his entire life. Now I think being a Mom any day of the week is hard, but being a Mom that has to divide her day between a three year old, a husband, a dog and taking care of a baby struggling for his life in the hospital- well that is just crazy hard. My sister in law has a strength, poise and grace. She is a fierce advocate for my nephew's care. She knows more medical jargon than a 3rd year medical student. She is truly amazing.

So to make a long story shorter- after I read your blog I decided that I wanted to make 20 or so little gift bags for the mothers of kids in the children's hospital where my nephew is. These mothers stuck in the hospital on Mother's day are courageous, their strength is the glue holding things together. I wanted to help lift them up a little bit. A few of my wonderful friends got wind and decided to help. We put together 40 bigger bags with hand written notes.

I dropped the bags off on Sunday and had enough for all the Moms on my Nephew's floor and the NICU (where he spent the first 3 months of his life).

It was my best Mother's Day ever.


Dearest Ladies,

Thank you so much for organizing the Mother Pucker Project. My soon-to-be ex-husband and I spent the entire day together, changing names on accounts, car titles, etc. We went through our house with notebooks and wrote down who gets what. We capped the day off with a trip to marriage counseling, which is now entitled "Please Help Us Not to Kill Each Other and Ruin Our Children Through This" counseling. It was a two hour session.

He asked for the divorce. I don't want it. He doesn't love me anymore. I am still crazy about him. We had a perfectly cordial, albeit difficult day. When we returned to my home to drop him off at his car, all I wanted was for him to tell me that today's reality had shocked some sense back into him and that he still loved me and what was he thinking. *sigh* He got in his truck and drove away. I held in the tears until I made it inside the house and then I sobbed. I'm alone. He doesn't love me. I have been rejected.

And then.

I saw a pretty package, covered in butterflies, postmarked Houston, TX. Inside it was a lovely card and some beautiful jewelry. No one ever buys me jewelry.

Please send my thanks to Danielle, who sadly didn't include her address so that I could thank her myself. The reminder that I am loved when I am feeling so unloved was priceless.

-A mommy
I received an anonymous gift card this past Christmas ... my family & I are in a much better place and I want to pay it forward.  

Go ahead and hook me up!

Lovely Funny Ladies,
Yesterday, I felt like punching a whole lot of the world in the face. I was dismayed that so much hate and ignorance continues to manifest itself in our country and that those people have enough of a majority to take their internal issues and force effects on others. I won't go too 'rabble rabble' because the point is, your project has helped me move past the "punching people in the face" part.
As soon as I read about your project, I knew I wanted to do something for our local domestic violence shelter here in the Florida Panhandle. When my husband and I do have the time, money, and resources; it is the chief cause we support. I grew up in an abusive home and my Momma never felt she had the support to leave. My childhood had made me who I am and I am a big believer in finding the blessings in everything; now I have a safe happy home, a wonderfully kind supportive husband, and a beautiful little girl who I know will always see her home as a safe haven. I want to use my experience to ensure as many Mommas out there DO have support and I want to set the example for my daughter that she can make a difference in so many small ways.
I forwarded out the details (somewhat censored! :)) of the Mother Pucker project to my work folk. As donations to Shelter House filled up the box in my office, I felt a little better about the world. And in delivering it with my family tomorrow, I will feel a little better again. This is much much more a gift for me than I could have every realized.
Thanks for filling the world with a little more love,

Totally inspired by the "project", I called up my favorite gal at the bank who supports crazy schemes to help people, told her about it, she said; "will $150 help?". I was like whoa, yeah, totally! My husband is throwing in $150, too. So I thought...AWESOME! I can do this! Then, with my nine year old in tow, and a track meet to get to, I dashed to the homeless shelter (not a big town) and offered my services as the "Mother's Day fairy godmother?". They were THRILLED, we got a tour of the facility, met some moms and got down to business. I said things like "what do you need?". They said "tampons and mini pads". I cried. Then I said " how many people live here"? 25. Twenty-five women, with their children live in this facility.

Well, my $300 isn't gonna cut it.... But I KNOW people, and the people I know were saaaddd when I told them about the tampon thing, and we are on our way to the new goal of $600. So, Hookers, I'm not asking y'all for money, I'm working the locals to pony up the dough. I just wanted y'all to know, that I'm grateful for the work that you do and for inspiring me to take action.

I'll make sure they get the "personal items" but, I guarantee, they will get some lipgloss too!

Thank you, thank you,

Michelle Versteeg

Update a few days later: Ok. This is the deal.. We raised 525 bucks! We were able to purchace; a sturdy bag (and its cute) mascara! Pens, panty liners, lip gloss, hair ties, writing pads, socks, body wash, lotion, McDondalds coupons!

So So So happy to do this! Thank you for the inspiration! You*re awesome! Love to Kate and Lou, too! When this is over.. I'm tappin the T box, well... Probably a little before? Love, M