Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Help This Woman: What Do I Get the Teacher?

Hi and waving! It's Lydia and Louise! Did you have a good Memorial Day weekend?! We missed you!

[[[awkwardly long internet hug]]]

So we need your advice because we are very confused about something important. It's almost the end of the school year and it's time to buy presents for our kids' teachers.

We love our teachers and we want to do something nice for them but at the same time, we don't want to (and also can't afford to) go over board.

So now what?

Do you do the gift from the whole class? If so, does it have to be some Pinterest-perfect type of craft project that we are not able to properly execute? Also, what do you do if there's an assistant teacher? Do you just get them the same thing? And are the rules different depending on how old your kid is?

If you are a teacher - what do you really want? What has been your favorite gift? What is a gift that shows appreciation in a reasonable way? Some of us can afford a little something but some of us can't. What do you suggest for the people who really can't?

We all know you deserve a $1,000 Nieman Marcus gift certificate delivered by a shirtless Ryan Gosling but since I have three kids, a limited income and the judge says I have to stop "pestering" Ryan, that is really just out of the question. I'm very sorry.

Are cookies OK? Or is that cheap? What about flowers? Or a plant? What about a Target gift card and a really nice note? Would a box of wine be weird? Probably yes. Especially if my first grader had to fit it in his backpack.

We have no idea. Please help us.

xo, Lydia & Louise

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