Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mother Pucker Swag, Baby

On Tuesday we introduced y'all to our Mother Pucker Project. Can we just take a moment to say that you guys are flippin' AWESOME?! We've already received hundreds of emails from moms asking to help other moms...moms saying they received help in December from a Helping Hooker and now they are in a better place and can help someone else...moms who have generously donated to World Birth Aid...and my favorite, a husband who wrote in asking us to hook his wife up because he worships the ground she walks on and can't afford to spoil her the way she deserves. SQUUEEEE! I can feel THE LOVE!

We are still accepting emails for this project until midnight tonight. So message us if you want to help or you need some love or you want to nominate someone else. Send them to us at

Meanwhile, do you remember the amazing logo that the brilliant Pregnant Chicken made for our project? Well, Lydia uploaded it to Zazzle and you can now order yourself some MotherPucker swag at our store! We have t-shirts, coffee mugs, canvas bags, you name it!

Obviously I need both of these items, especially the iPhone case...
so I can text Kate and Lydia and call them hookers from my Mother Pucker phone.

And: through today, May 3rd at 3pm Zazzle is providing free shipping for Mother's Day! Woot! (Note: You have to enter code FREESHIPFORU at checkout.) We'll donate all the proceeds of the Mother Pucker products to Bloggers for Birth Kits for more clean birth kits. So go ahead and order yourself something special for Mother's Day!

Pucker up!

Lydia, Kate, and Guru Louise

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