Tuesday, May 1, 2012

These Hookers Are Taking Mother's Day BACK

Here's the thing about Mother's Day: there's something wrong with it. I've always felt like Mother's Day was sort of a disappointment. I'm not whining about a lack of jewelry or some crap like that. Because sometimes I think the general impression (in the media and elsewhere) of what moms want for mother's day is kind of bullschmidt.

Here's what I mean (and Zales, I'm looking at you):

And it's really that last part that's important. I just want an honest acknowledgement of gratitude from someone who really gets how hard it is to be a mom. Who understands that it is meaningful, difficult, overwhelming work. That it never seems to be enough but that never stops you from trying to do your best. I mean I would LOVE to sleep in and not deal with poo for one day - but it's the I GET IT AND THANK YOU that matters.

And that's where Mother's Day is broken. Because the only people who really get it are other moms. And we expect kids and husbands and boyfriends to get it and often they don't. Because of the evil Mother's Day propaganda machines.

So Kate, Louise and I think it's time to reclaim Mother's Day. Why not make it about something else this year? Something more. Here's our idea:


We're going to call it The Mother Pucker Project. Kate and Lydia came up with the name over sushi and possibly too much sake. The point of the MotherPucker Project is, we want to reach out to moms in need and give them a little encouragement, help and love. It's about letting a mom who really needs it know that someone, somewhere GETS IT. That we see her for who she is and we want to thank her for what she's doing for her kids. Here's the plan:

Pick a mom in need, someone who may not get any appreciation or love this Mother's Day. It can be a single mom that you know, it can be your sister, a co-worker, a friend going through a rough divorce, someone with a deployed spouse, a mom with a baby in the NICU or one who is living at a domestic violence shelter. It can also be a mom in a developing country who needs a clean birth kit so she doesn't die while having her baby (more on this below). If you'd prefer, we can help you find someone from within our MommyLand community who deserves a little love.

Our email for this is MotherPuckerProject@yahoo.com. Send us an email if:
  • You are mommy who needs a little love this Mother's Day, or
  • You want to help someone else this Mother's Day (including sending clean birth kits), or
  • You want to nominate yourself or someone else in MommyLand for some love this Mother's day.
  • To learn more about Clean Birth Kits, you can also click here.
    Step Two: HOOK A HOOKER UP
    Once you have a mom to help, do something. Send her a card and a little gift (a $5 Starbucks card, a flower, a book, some Dr. Pepper flavored lip gloss, a couple of Sharpies [or a crate, hint hint - Kate]. It doesn't have to be anything big. Just something to let her know that YOU SEE HER and APPRECIATE HER and YOU ARE SENDING HER LOVE AND GRATITUDE. Make some clean birth kits or just make a little donation. You can mention us or not. You can do it anonymously or not. Your call. It's about them.

    Step Three: TELL US
    Let us know what you did so we can keep track of your generosity and awesomeness. If you have a story you want to share, please send it to us. We can share your stories with MommyLand or keep it between us, your choice. But let me tell you something, those stories have impact. They send goodness back out into the world like a powerful ninja kick. And this freaking world needs all the goodness it can get.
      Then on Mother's Day weekend, this will be your real present. The one you gave to yourself. We'll tell you how many women we've helped together and sent our obnoxious, non-porny variety of mom-on-mom love to.

      So while you're doing dishes and wiping butts and wondering when it ever ever EVER gets to be about you - you can pause for a minute and remember all those women in your own community who would love to have a dishwasher. Or a house. Or a healthy kid. Or a decent guy in the next room, even if he didn't take you out to brunch like he was supposed to.

      And you can think about all the moms in Mommyland who are far away, high-fiving you and totally getting it and appreciating you. And you will have something to feel awesome about on Mother's Day this year, no matter what.

      And remember, no one will see your info but me, Kate, Louise and the mom we hook you up with.

      Pucker up, mommies.

      xo, Lydia & Kate & Louise

      PS: The Helping Hookers project got a little out of control. Kinda like Cartegena...So, we're going to accept emails until Thursday night at midnight. Then we start scurrying around behind the scenes. We will have our last match-up email sent out on next Tuesday sometime, so that you have a couple of days to get something to your special mommy-friend in time for Mother's Day.

      PPS: Thank you Pregnant Chicken for making our logo. We love you in a decidedly unhealthy manner.

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