Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We Totally Puck!

When I started writing this, I had titled it "Our Stories...The Givers" and then McLovin walked by and said something about givers and who are the receivers and then I started to explain that I meant they were letters from the moms who had given stuff to other moms but he had that face on that meant that he was being funny and porny and then I changed the title something to reflect even more funniness and porniness. The point is, you're welcome. Also, that McLovin can somehow communicate full paragraphs of information with just a face and some strange sound that is neither word nor silence. Also, that he maybe shouldn't walk by and do the face and sound thing when I'm busy if he gets my drift. Which apparently he does because he just raised his eyebrows and made a sound like he was summoning dolphins.

There was a point here...

Oh yes! Over the past week or so, we have gotten these mostly legible ransom amazing letters from mamas all over the country about how they are pucking up all over the place and sending packages of we wanted to share. And as these little packages are zipping their way all over the country, we want to again say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to every one of you MotherPuckers. Obviously, we couldn't have done it without you!

Finally, because we didn't get a chance to write back to each one of you, we'll take a little time here to do what you probably wish we would have done in private and personally...but as you know us, you also know that's not going to happen.


Hey there!

I'm currently 35 weeks pregnant and was in the midst of putting together my hospital bag when I read our Mother Pucker post and it brought me to tears. I'm here wondering about how many nursing bra's to pack and there are women in exactly the same 'condition' as me across the world wondering if they and their baby will even live through birth. Talk about perspective. I made a donation to the Clean Birth Kit project and posted it on my Facebook wall pointing it out to all my mommy friends. Only a small gesture but I hope it helped. Thank you for sharing this problem and charity with us and giving us the opportunity to help other mamas, and also for reminding a pregnant lady just how damn lucky she is. Happy Mother's Day ladies!

Kelly :-)
Hey Kelly! First, understand tears are part of pregnancy. Mostly for the fact that you'll never really see your feet properly ever again. Also, we want to warn you about the nursing bras, and that at some point you will most certainly pinch your boob in the snap. Just be prepared. That's a whole new level of tears...xoxo K,L & GL


Yay!! So, I put together a Mother Pucker survival kit for the mama you lovelies hooked me up with...I've attached a pic of the contents and a description. I'll be sending it out in the am, along with a nice note.

Thanks ladies for all that you do to keep life in the MommyHood a little more awesome!


Mother Pucker Survival Kit

Advil- For all of life’s “headaches”, whatever or whoever they may be

Baby Wipes- Because they are ah-freaking-mazing. Hello, I mean, what else can you use to take off your make up AND clean the toilet?

Ear Plugs- Because sometimes Calgon can’t take you away and you NEED a few minutes of peace, or because if you have to listen to DJ Lance on Yo Gabba Gabba one more time you might have to open up a fresh can

Dark Chocolate- Because Mommy needs her antioxidants!

Lip Gloss- To remind you of your inner sexy…bonus, the watermelon scent should mask the fact that it’s 4pm and you haven’t had a chance to brush your teeth

Individual T-Box- Because, obviously!!

Dear Melissa!

WE LOVE IT! We think the only thing that's missing is a copy of USWeekly or something equally Kardashian-ized. And possibly a mate for the individual t-box, because one should never drink alone. And that one t-box would be so lonely...xoxo K,L & GL
PS We have an inner sexy? There's medication for that, right? Because now we're hearing the bow-chicka-wow-wow music, and those earplugs are not helping. Also, what is this "clean the toilet" thing you speak of?


Dear Hookers,

Your blog inspired me to help one of my son's teachers at mothers day out (the only mother of the his two teachers). I realized she NEVER gets a kid-free hour because she has 2 small children and a husband who works alternate hours. I arranged things with the director for her to take a paid day off while I filled in for her (I'm a certified teacher). I told her about her day off in a mothers day card that I made her open after I left and I described your blog about helping other mothers. The director called me and said the teacher just cried and cried because she hasn't had 5 kid free hours since she became a mother and her husband had to work on mothers day so she had been really down.  
Thank you for the call to reclaim mothers day. I asked her to pay it forward to another mother by words of encouragement or any means


Lydia wants to hug you, and Kate wants to know where in the name of Maude were you when Lefty was in pre-school and Guru is slack jawed and shaking her head because she can't even fathom five minutes alone, let alone five HOURS. We think you're probably made of glitter and ride around on a unicorn and also can you come live near us?? Please?
xoxo K,L and especially GL


Hi girls!
Though I am still waiting to be matched up, I couldn't contain my excitement any longer so I went out the day you announced the project and picked up a few things. You said to share what we did if we'd like, so here it is. So far I bought a cute coffee cup that says, "Good Morning Let the Stress Begin," a packet of Starbucks coffee that fits inside, along with some Buckeyes candy (kind of the signature candy of Ohio). I also purchased drink coasters with the saying "It's 5 o'clock somewhere" on them and a cocktail mixology book. And just in case the mama I'm matched with isn't a coffee drinker or a drinker, period...I included a $20 Walmart gift card, a "Worry Stone" with a little guardian angel inside and a Mother's Day card in which I wrote a heartfelt message. I'm not sure if I'm done yet, or if I'll add a couple more things. Any suggestions for what else might go well with what I already purchased? Maybe a blinged out wine/cocktail glass...hmmmm. Or maybe another gift card? If you have information about what grocery stores are around the mom who will receive my gift, can you include that in the email? I hope whatever mother receives it feels the love, and truly knows she is deserving. Is it weird I'm so excited about giving a gift to someone I've never met? Well, if it is I enjoy being weird. :) Thanks again for providing the opportunity for me to pay it forward. Hugs to all you wonderful ladies at RFML.


Whoa, Nelly! We think we speak for EVERYONE when we say, "I hope she's pucking me for Mother's Day!" But in all seriousness, this is exactly what we were hoping for. That warm fuzzy feeling that comes not from realizing you just stepped in a nice big puddle of WARM in your socks, but from doing something awesome for some mom you'll likely never know. We hope she writes you, or writes us, or hires one of those planes to write THANK YOU MOTHER PUCKERS in the sky (oh! we should TOTALLY do that! Lydia? Guru? C'mon...we should do that! Do we have money? Ohhhhh......) xoxo K,L & GL

On a side note, can we please make sure we did in fact match Jen up with someone? I would, but I just stepped in a puddle of warm. Again. Where's McLovin? I need his face for this.

xoxo Kate 


  1. You lovely ladies pucked me up to a another mother in New Jersey. As I can barely remember to send a birthday card to my parents on time and the postal service from Canada to the United States is LE BRUTAL, I quickly used my fingers and my beloved Avion card to send something Spring and Special to my mother. She should be getting a beautiful bouquet of flowers on Saturday (can I just say how much I love that I can have things delivered on the weekend in the states? that's like sacrilegious in Canada or some against unions or whatever). I sent a lovely card with the flowers telling this mother that I think she is pretty Super Awesome!!! I hope it brightens her day, it certainly brightened mine!!! Thanks for inspiring mama's to just help another mother pucker out. You ladies totally rock my socks off!!!

  2. I managed to miss the deadline on this as I was dealing with a long distance crisis that took hours. I had started my email to you guys when my daughter needed help, so the email went to the back burner, but the time I got back to it, it was after midnight so it got trashed. 20 years, 3 kids, no true mothers day. Sure the things from school, you know the ones, the kids throw them together, too much glue and glitter, school pics on them and mom HAS to love them cause their kid made them, and mom is really thinking what the hell and I going to do with this with a grin on her face. My supposed husband never does anything for anything, he thinks it is a waste of money, this includes birthdays and anniversaries too. He didnt used to be this way, but something changed and doesnt even seem to want me anymore, that hits the self esteem something fierce, let me tell you.
    Just once would like to actually be appreciated. Sorry for venting. The sad thing is that I have lots of life left to live, only 37, yes started young.
    Love that you guys are doing this. Keep up the good work, this world needs more love out there.

  3. love. this. project.

    LOVE. too much LOVE.

  4. I am so happy I got matched up this time- and that my MP-er likes her gifts (to be delivered on Friday)!

  5. THERE ARE INDIVIDUAL T-BOXES? Why did no one tell me?????

    Bless you all. Happy Mother's Day!

  6. I am a somewhat struggling mama myself, but right now things are going well. I couldn't turn my back on the call for pucker help. I needed to pay it forward. I have help from my mom, and I seriously couldn't do the day to day mothering of two sweet girls without her. Thank you Lydia, Kate and Guru for giving me the opportunity to help out another mama! As I was writing my letter/card and buying a Starbucks card, I kept thinking and praying that I hope this helps out my fellow mama in Ohio. I hope she knows that she is truly AWESOME and a ROCK STAR!! I am still thinking about her and sending her love and prayers from Missouri.


  7. You inspired me to get (and mail! In a timely fashion!) cards for all the mothers in my life - friends, sisters-in-law, aunts - as well as my own mother. Just to remind everyone how awesome they are, and how much I appreciate their presence in my life!

  8. When you guys sent me my match last week, I thought, "What gift card can I get her that will ensure that she HAS TO SPEND IT ON HERSELF?" Because us moms do that.....we receive Target, Wal Mart, Gap gift cards for special occasions and then turn around and instead of spending them on ourselves, we buy the kids shoes or the dog food, or just get groceries. Then I spotted a Sephora gift card covered in lips and I was like, YES. It was meant to be. Thank you for the opportunity to make another mom's day just a little brighter.

  9. THIS is why I love mommyland. It makes me laugh AND cry - both in good ways.

  10. Oh I love love love this project! I missed the match-up deadline, but I've done my own little thang. Been sending mad e-mails and FB messages to all my mother-pucker friends with a personalized card I made meself from my own photography. Just a little something to build up the morale. I also ordered my SIL a magnet from Naughty Betty, and used their awesomeness as inspiration for a personalized card I designed myself.
    I will also be sending an e-mail to all of the ladies in my church for mothers' day. We are having a church picnic on saturday, and I'm planning to make up some cool mom-stickers with buzz-words you don't usually connect with mom. It's gonna be awesome.

  11. I know you guys are super awesome and I have always learned your readers are super awesome from the comments. But clever too? I love the gift pack and flower ideas and I can't wait to hear what the mom I nominated gets. She is awesome and sweet and really needs some love. Thanks for all you do!

  12. Dear Gals! This time around I got to sign up. Granted it was tough to figure out what to send to someone I know nothing about, but the joy is still tangable! I can't wait to hear that it has been delivered (yeah for package tracking!)! Thanks gals! Oh and I helped out one of my girlfriends with flowers for her, just because. Thanks for that inspiration as well!

  13. Covering for a teacher -- abso-freakin-lutely brilliant. As a former teacher and current sub you bet I'll use that idea. Thank you so much for sharing that one!!

    Muchas love!
    Jen Deming

  14. I wish I were creative and that I lived in the USA :( I figured all I could in the week I had was a Starbucks gift card because even if you don't drink coffee they have fruity drinks and sweets to eat and it's usually quiet and air conditioned. Now I totally want to go shopping and put together something fun. Think next year you guys can do this about a month in advance so my care package could get there in time?

  15. Wish I hadn't missed the match up on this one!! It's brilliant!! I'm a 27 year old mama to 4 kids (4 and under) two of which are my nieces whom we are in the process of adopting. It's my first Mother's Day with all four of them and my hubby is deployed... go figure, lol. But even with all of that going on, I would LOVE to hook someone else up on Mother's Day... make it special.... any takers? Email me at with your story :) *hope this is ok and not breaking any "rules" or anything*

  16. Oh! and you can hop on over to to learn a little more about our family :)

  17. I am a single mama who, at this moment in time, is doing just fine. So I really wanted to help out another mama, who, in this moment in time, needed a little extra love. I wish I'd known a little bit more about my mama (like how many kids and how old they are) so I could tailor it specifically for her...but seeing some of the ideas posted, I was inspired.

    I sent my mama a card with a letter full of encouragement and a little Take Care of Me package with the following: A lavender mineral bath mix and lavender candle to go with it for some "me time"; a tube of Burts Bees chapstick to keep the lips moist (better to kiss her kiddos with); a small Wonder Woman notepad for her purse to remind her she's a SuperMom; a KitKat bar, b/c everyone needs a break; and finally a couple gift cards (Sbux for coffee and a Visa GC for whatever she needs (perhaps a nice T-box from Target?).

    I wish I could see the look on her face when she gets it. :)

  18. decaturmamaoftwoMay 10, 2012 at 8:30 PM

    ok - so i am the oh-so-lucky recipient of a Mother Puck, and boy did it make my day. I am sick at home with a crappy sinus infection and a lovely MOTHER'S DAY card comes in the mail (cheery, pink, flowers, butterflies) and it even includes a very generous gift card to Target... The giver did not put her name or return address on the envelope, but if its YOU in Hattiesburg MS, then *thank you * from the bottom of my feverish heart! <3

  19. I did not send email in time, but had an even better alternative. A woman I work with has a tough family situation that she is sticking out for her kids until she is in a position to make it better. So...knowing no one was likely to make Mother's Day for her, I sent a card with a giftcard. Hopefully it will lift her spirits and make her life easier for a few minutes.

  20. I am not a mom, but I love this blog. I put together mother's survival kits for two single moms in my office. Included were
    hand sanitizer - to help you out when resources are scarce
    candles - to light your way if you're feeling frustrated
    lotion - to give you a comforting embrace
    lip gloss - to remind you of your inner sexy
    bubble bath - for when you need Calgon to take you away
    Wine - something sweet to wet your whistle
    and when all else fails, chocolate.
    I had the BEST day after doing something nice for someone who wasn't appreciating it. Thank you for the inspiration.




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